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Alphabetical    [«  »]
priest 55
priesthood 20
priestly 1
priests 69
primates 9
primatial 3
primitive 2
Frequency    [«  »]
70 regard
70 whether
69 jesus
69 priests
69 than
68 celebrated
68 faithful

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 3,1| their sentiments, when the priests of the Lord are sitting 2 6,2| religious institute, or secular priests, unless they be known to 3 14,1| Christians, even by those priests on whom it may be incumbent 4 14,1| receive the communion from priests; but that priests when celebrating 5 14,1| communion from priests; but that priests when celebrating should 6 14,4| bread only, the laity, and priests when not celebrating. And; 7 15,1| by the sentence of the priests, they might be freed, not 8 15,1| from earth to heaven, left priests His own vicars, as presidents 9 15,1| For it is manifest, that priests could not have exercised 10 15,1| soever besides bishops and priests; imagining, contrary to 11 15,1| also teaches, that even priests, who are in mortal sin, 12 15,1| power exists not in bad priests. But although the absolution 13 15,1| be absolved, not by all priests, but only by the highest 14 15,1| but only by the highest priests: whence the Sovereign Pontiffs, 15 15,1| that of) other inferior priests, delivered to them over 16 15,1| and that therefore all priests may absolve all penitents 17 15,1| at that point of death, priests have no power in reserved 18 15,1| the Father. Therefore the priests of the Lord ought, as far 19 15,1| teach, that the keys of the priests were given, not to loose 20 15,2| you ? Let him bring in the priests of the Church, and let them 21 15,2| but, either bishops, or priests by bishops rightly ordained 22 15,3| If any one saith, that priests, who are in mortal sin, 23 15,3| of loosing; or, that not priests alone are the ministers 24 15,3| bind; and that, therefore, priests act contrary to the purpose 25 15,4| anoint the sick, are not the priests who have been ordained by 26 15,5| with what freedom shall priests be able to correct laymen, 27 15,5| be fulfilled in them, The priests of God defile the sanctuaries, 28 16,2| to all and singular the priests, electors,-princes, dukes, 29 19,3| to all and singular the priests, electors, princes, dukes, 30 22,1| bread only, laymen, and also priests when not celebrating, are 31 22,2| for this office, as many priests as shall be sufficient to 32 22,2| audientiam. And to those priests who shall have to be appointed 33 22,2| the sustenance of the said priests; every general or special 34 23,1| whom He then constituted priests of the New Testament; and 35 23,1| through (the ministry of) priests, in memory of His own passage 36 23,1| offering by the ministry of priests, who then offered Himself 37 23,1| enjoined by the Church on priests, to mix water with the wine 38 23,2| not institute the apostles priests; or, did not ordain that 39 23,2| ordain that they, and other priests should offer His own body 40 23,3| immolated on the altar by priests, it is also sufficiently 41 23,3| penalties, provide, that priests do not celebrate at other 42 23,5| of bread, laymen and also priests ./. when not celebrating, 43 24,1| open mention not only of priests, but also of deacons; and 44 24,1| those, who assert that the priests of the New Testament have 45 24,1| Christians indiscrimately are priests of the New Testament, or 46 24,1| that they are superior to priests; administer the sacrament 47 24,1| the ordination of bishops, priests, and of the other orders, 48 24,1| who do not preach are not priests at all; let him be anathema. ~ 49 24,1| consisting of bishops, priests, and ministers; let him 50 24,1| bishops are not superior to priests; or, that they have not 51 24,1| is common to them and to priests; or, that orders, conferred 52 24,2| calling to his assistance priests and other prudent persons, 53 24,2| greater reverence towards priests and the superior orders, 54 24,2| the Ordinary. ~Although priests receive in their ordination 55 24,2| of Seculars, not even of priests, and that he is not to be 56 25,3| But It commands parish priests not to be present at the 57 25,4| other churches by the parish priests, or, if they be hindered, 58 25,4| explained by Bishops and Parish Priests; during the solemnization 59 25,4| the people by all parish priests; as also that, during the 60 25,4| one half at least shall be priests, and the rest deacons, or 61 25,4| greater part, or that all be priests, it shall be by all means 62 25,4| worthy and competent parish priests. To the end that this may 63 25,4| be served by one or more priests,-and this not excepting 64 25,4| of souls to one or more (priests), all of whom, as this Synod 65 26,1| diligently and accurately, by the priests and ministers of the church, 66 26,3| jurisdiction over the parish priests and their parishioners; 67 26,4| theology, masters, doctors, priests, deacons, or subdeacons, 68 26,4| those bishops and parish priests who preside over the poorer 69 26,4| towards the clergy, parish priests, and the superior orders;

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