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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | great importance, both as regards the celebration of the Council, 2 3,1| unity of the Church: and as regards the bishops, and all others 3 6,2| accorded by common law, as regards the reception of the fruits 4 6,2| examined and approved of as regards their life, manners, and 5 7,1| even so each one, when he regards himself, and his own weakness 6 7,1| ought so far to presume as regards the secret mystery of divine 7 7,1| Perseverance. ~So also as regards the gift of perseverance, 8 7,1| and their restoration. ~As regards those who, by sin, have 9 13 | Eucharist, and also, as regards Reformation, of the other 10 14,5| therein,-grants, as far as regards the holy Synod itself, to 11 15,1| this sacrament, as far as regards its force and efficacy, 12 15,1| on Absolution. ~But, as regards the minister of this sacrament, 13 15,1| subjects, especially as regards those crimes to which the 14 15,1| Satisfaction. ~Finally, as regards satisfaction,--which as 15 15,2| penance. First, therefore, as regards its institution, It declares 16 15,2| administering this unction,--as regards those things which constitute 17 15,3| to themselves, except as regards external polity, and that 18 17,1| unemployment, useless in both regards. And accordingly, for that 19 22,1| The power of the Church as regards the dispensation of the 20 22,1| and that therefore, as regards the fruit thereof, they, 21 22,1| let him be anathema. ~As regards, however, those two articles, 22 22,2| though otherwise fit as regards morals, knowledge, and age, 23 22,2| celebrate the divine worship. As regards those churches, to which, 24 22,2| already erected. But, as regards parish churches which have 25 22,2| even though immemorial. As regards the indulgences, or other 26 24,2| The same also, both as regards the guilt, the loss of fruits, 27 24,2| receive the greater orders. As regards married clerks, the constitution 28 24,2| pensions: notwithstanding as regards all and singular the above-mentioned 29 25,3| contracted. It ordains that, as regards degrees more remote, this 30 25,3| and that gratuitously. As regards marriages to be contracted, 31 25,4| Bishops and Cardinals. ~If, as regards all manner of degrees in 32 25,4| God a good pastor. ~And as regards all and each of those who 33 25,4| examination, or scrutiny, as regards the persons to be promoted, 34 25,4| discretion of that Synod. ~As regards patrons, they shall not 35 25,4| Apostolic See. The same also, as regards the crime of heresy, shall 36 25,4| Apostolic See, and this as regards Royal Chaplains, in accordance 37 25,4| military orders. But, as regards those privileges which by 38 25,4| and by this holy Synod. As regards all cathedral churches, 39 25,4| of the sacred canons. As regards the distributions; those 40 25,4| or customs in the above regards; and, those only being retained 41 25,4| think most fit. ~And as regards the examiners, six at least 42 25,4| above; notwithstanding, as regards all the aforesaid matters, 43 26,3| the above-named orders, as regards the persons, places, and 44 26,3| virtue and holiness. But as regards those monasteries which 45 26,3| any fraud may be used as regards all and singular the aforesaid 46 26,4| Synod decrees that it also regards the cardinals of the holy 47 26,4| regulated by those whom it regards, for the advancement of 48 26,4| ecclesiastical discipline. But as regards those universities which 49 26,4| are to be resolved on. ~As regards judicial causes, it is enjoined 50 26,4| of the bishop. But if, as regards any proceeding, or as regards 51 26,4| regards any proceeding, or as regards any interlocutory or definitive 52 26,4| treated of be not one which regards any benefit to them or theirs, 53 26,4| unimpaired and untouched. As regards those who do not possess 54 26,4| ecclesiastical; notwithstanding, as regards the things aforesaid, any 55 26,4| be granted. ~Whereas, as regards ecclesiastical benefices, 56 26,4| cathedral churches, and as regards all manner of persons soever, 57 26,4| cardinalate. ~In like manner, as regards coadjutorships with future 58 26,4| of) their guests. But as regards those who hold in commendam, 59 26,4| thereof; notwithstanding, as regards all the above-named particulars, 60 26,4| the law directs. But as regards those persons, or communities, 61 26,4| conferred as previously. ~As regards those augmentations, which, 62 26,4| the truth of the fact. As regards clerics who have not ecclesiastical 63 26,4| their full effect. But, as regards those benefices wherein, 64 26,7| wholly abolished. But as regards the other abuses which have 65 26,9| work was consigned, and as regards the missal and breviary. ~

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