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recall 3
recalled 4
recalling 1
receive 65
received 77
receivers 3
receives 4
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66 two
65 every
65 people
65 receive
65 regards
65 very
64 can

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | to open the Council; to receive the prelates as they arrived 2 3,1| confess more frequently; to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist; 3 5,1| apostle. But if any one receive not, as sacred and canonical, 4 6,2| which fruits he shall receive so long as he continues 5 7,1| and that all men might receive the adoption of sons. Him 6 7,1| for all, yet do not all receive the benefit of His death, 7 7,1| lastly, when they purpose to receive baptism, to begin a new 8 7,1| your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost; 9 7,1| of Penance, when He said, Receive ye the Holy Ghost, whose 10 7,1| are called indeed, but receive not grace, as being, by 11 8,1| all men, even though they receive them rightly, but (only) 12 8,1| the greater churches shall receive the rite of consecration 13 14,1| given that one may worthily receive the sacred Eucharist. ~If 14 14,1| that he approach not to receive it but with great reverence 15 14,1| they have taught that some receive it sacramentally only, to 16 14,1| whereas the third (class) receive it both sacramentally and 17 14,1| God, that laymen should receive the communion from priests; 18 14,1| to be able frequently to receive that supersubstantial bread, 19 14,4| all the faithful of Christ receive the said venerable sacrament 20 14,4| communicates under either species receive less than he who communicates 21 15,1| upon His disciples, saying Receive ye the Holy Ghost, whose 22 15,1| persons who are pious and who receive this sacrament with devotion, 23 15,1| on the part of those who receive it: a thing which the Church 24 15,2| prescribing who ought to receive, and who to administer this 25 15,3| of the Lord the Saviour, Receive ye the Holy Ghost, whose 26 16,1| should they come, both to receive ./. them kindly, and to 27 16,2| affairs may require, and to receive the said messengers or messenger, 28 19,3| affairs may require, and to receive the said messengers or messenger, 29 22,1| by any divine precept, to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist 30 22,1| institution of the Lord, to receive both species. But neither 31 22,1| the profit of those who receive, or for the veneration of 32 22,1| fruit thereof, they, who receive one species alone, are not 33 22,1| faithful of Christ ought to receive both species of the most 34 22,2| gratis: their servants shall receive nothing therefrom, and notaries 35 22,2| shall, under any pretext, receive anything for the collation 36 22,2| shall only be able to receive thc tenth part of a golden 37 22,2| reside, or who do not serve, receive nothing, or less than a 38 22,2| inconvenience, repair to receive the sacraments, and to hear 39 22,2| the patrons and others who receive any fruits derived from 40 22,2| Chapters shall, without fee, receive the Alms. ~Whereas many 41 23,4| that, if those who ought to receive them should fail, on any 42 23,4| just impediment ceasing, to receive the requisite orders within 43 24,1| therefore do the bishops say, Receive ye the Holy Ghost; or, that 44 24,2| set over Churches shall receive the rite of consecration 45 24,2| on the way as it were to receive the greater orders. As regards 46 24,2| at the altar, they should receive the sacred communion, at 47 24,2| Ordinary. ~Although priests receive in their ordination the 48 24,2| least once a month; and receive the body of our Lord Jesus 49 24,2| The bishop shall annually receive the accounts of the revenues 50 25,3| male and one female, shall receive in baptism the individual 51 25,3| persons they have chosen to receive from the sacred font the 52 25,3| allow him or them only to receive the baptized; shall register 53 25,4| any other name whatsoever, receive anything, be it money, or 54 25,4| forbid, shall presume to receive anything more than is prescribed 55 25,4| the capacity of those who receive them, the efficacy and use 56 25,4| at the stated hours shall receive them; all others shall, 57 25,4| whom alone they may licitly receive the sacraments; or the bishops 58 25,4| the bishop, that he may receive institution from him: but 59 26,3| but shall listen to, or receive the votes of each, at the 60 26,3| confess their sins, and to receive the most holy Eucharist, 61 26,3| aforesaid shall be bound to receive the above-named visitors, 62 26,4| this Council, they publicly receive all and singular the things 63 26,4| who cherish hospitality receive Christ in (the person of) 64 26,4| hospitals were instituted to receive a certain class of pilgrims, 65 26,4| shall vacate it, it shall receive again the cure of souls;

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