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66 name
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65 every
65 people
65 receive
65 regards
65 very

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | restored to the Christian people, and to the Christian religion 2 1 | welfare of the whole Christian people; requiring, exhorting, admonishing 3 1 | when the multitude of the people is wont to assemble there 4 2,1| the Clergy and Christian people; for the depression and 5 6,1| and that the Christian people may not be carried about 6 6,2| are competent, feed the people committed to them, with 7 6,2| capacity, and that of their people; by teaching them the things 8 6,2| or scandals, amongst the people, let the bishop interdict 9 7,2| the clergy and Christian people, has thought it fit to begin 10 14,2| proposed publicly to the people to be adored, and that the 11 14,3| salutary and necessary for the people, may be preserved without 12 15,1| discipline of the Christian people, that certain more atrocious 13 15,1| recommended to the Christian people by our Fathers, so is it 14 15,2| foremost in dignity amongst the people, but, either bishops, or 15 15,5| that they be a guide to the people of God committed to them, 16 15,5| neither clergy nor Christian people, and being in a manner wanderers, 17 17,2| morals of the Christian people stood in need of correction; 18 17,2| Church, at the time when the people is wont to assemble there 19 22,2| in which (churches) the people is so numerous, that one 20 22,2| necessary, he may compel the people to contribute what may be 21 22,2| henceforth to be published to the people at the due times, by the 22 23,1| common; partly because the people communicate spiritually 23 23,1| the union of that faithful people with Christ their head is 24 23,1| Mass to be explained to the people. ~Although the mass contains 25 23,1| instruction for the faithful people, nevertheless, it has not 26 23,3| edification of the faithful people, be restored; the holy Synod 27 23,3| they shall instruct the people, what is, and whence especially 28 23,3| shall also admonish their people to repair frequently to 29 23,3| may compel the faithful people inviolably to observe them, 30 24,1| authority, whether of the people, or of any civil power or 31 24,1| called and instituted by the people, or by the civil power and 32 24,1| consent, or vocation of the people, or of the secular power, 33 24,2| capable of teaching the people those things which it is 34 24,2| where the number of the people and the revenues of the 35 25,3| published and explained to the people in every parish church of 36 25,4| thereby both clergy and people may be enabled to obtain 37 25,4| and the salvation of the people, than to study to promote 38 25,4| are evil; to animate the people, by exhortations and admonitions, 39 25,4| diligently admonish the people, that each one is bound 40 25,4| being administered to the people, be explained by Bishops 41 25,4| order that the faithful people may approach to the reception 42 25,4| to administer them to the people, they shall first explain, 43 25,4| to have expounded to the people by all parish priests; as 44 25,4| better able to keep the people whom they rule in duty and 45 25,4| thereof their own proper people to govern, but administer 46 25,4| charge, having divided the people into fixed and proper parishes, 47 26,2| other representations, the people is instructed, and confirmed 48 26,2| images, not only because the people are thereby admonished of 49 26,2| expedient for the unlettered people; it happen that the facts 50 26,2| portrayed and represented; the people shall be taught, that not 51 26,3| as to be a scandal to the people, shall, at the instance 52 26,4| to the edification of the people, and to the defence of the 53 26,4| salutary for keeping the people in their duty, yet it is 54 26,4| becomes them; and that the people may hence learn to reverence 55 26,4| restored amongst the Christian people, but that it also may be 56 26,4| profit and edification of the people. ~CHAPTER XXI. ~In all things 57 26,7| Indulgences, for the Christian people most salutary, and approved 58 26,7| abuses amongst the Christian people has been derived,--be wholly 59 26,8| days; often admonishing the people to obey those set over them ( 60 27 | concord of the Christiain people, an oecumenical and general 61 27 | piety by the clergy and people; and We made it our care 62 27 | salutary to the Christian people, We, to the praise of Almighty 63 27 | and the salvation of their people, in reverence also towards 64 27 | Council to be received by the people who are under their sway, 65 27 | church, at the time when the people is wont to assemble there

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