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ordinaries 42
ordinarii 1
ordinarily 3
ordinary 63
ordination 19
ordinations 1
organ 1
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63 baptism
63 fruits
63 necessary
63 ordinary
63 right
62 observed
62 unless

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 5,2| and approved of, by the Ordinary; under pain of the anathema 2 7,2| legitimately proved before the Ordinary, shall remain in force; 3 7,2| shall be corrected by the Ordinary of the place. ~The prelates 4 7,2| ordinances of the canons, by the Ordinary of the place, as being delegated 5 7,2| express permission of the Ordinary of the place, and in regard 6 7,2| are subject to that same Ordinary: if the contrary shall have 7 8,1| any one saith, that the ordinary minister of holy confirmation 8 8,1| wholly annulled: and let the ordinary collator know, that he will 9 8,1| their dispensations to the Ordinary, who shall provide the churches 10 8,1| to be verified before the Ordinary of the place, those persons 11 8,1| examined and approved of by the Ordinary; with certain exceptions. ~ 12 15,1| whom he has not either an ordinary or a deligated jurisdiction, 13 15,5| express permission of the ordinary of the place, and then only 14 15,5| are subject to the said ordinary, do, by an evasion and in 15 15,5| his own bishop, or other ordinary superior; or prevent him 16 15,5| freely summoned before the ordinary judge, in the matter of 17 15,5| conservator to wit and the ordinary, concerning competency of 18 15,5| have neither been proved by ordinary process of law, nor be otherwise 19 15,5| shall be committed to the Ordinary of the place, or, if there 20 15,5| Presentation shall be made to the Ordinary; otherwise the Presentation 21 15,5| patronage, except to the ordinary bishop of the place, to 22 22,2| diligently cared for by the Ordinary, and, where there is need, 23 23,3| Synod decrees, that the ordinary bishops of places shall 24 23,4| at the discretion of the Ordinary; nor shall any appeal ./. 25 23,4| the provinces, or from his Ordinary, and in his default, from 26 23,4| at the discretion of the Ordinary. But if their contumacy 27 23,4| in their accounts to the Ordinary, unless it be otherwise 28 23,4| their administration to the Ordinary: all customs and privileges 29 23,4| thereunto, in that case the Ordinary shall also be employed jointly 30 23,4| suspend the prohibition of the Ordinary. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Usurpers 31 23,4| at the discretion of his Ordinary. ~ 32 24,2| to be approved of by the Ordinary. And they shall not obtain 33 24,2| the testimony of his own Ordinary; otherwise, he who ordains 34 24,2| seem expedient to his own Ordinary. ~CHAPTER IX. ~A bishop 35 24,2| he be approved of by the Ordinary. ~Although priests receive 36 24,2| commendatory from his own Ordinary, be admitted by any bishop 37 24,2| according to the judgment of the Ordinary. And if there should not 38 24,2| to be approved of by the Ordinary. And if, in the judgment 39 25,3| easily discovered: unless the Ordinary shall himself judge it expedient, 40 25,3| parish priest, or of the Ordinary, and in the presence of 41 25,3| at the discretion of the Ordinary. Furthermore, the same holy 42 25,3| parish priest himself, or the Ordinary; any custom, even though 43 25,3| suspended, until absolved by the Ordinary of that parish priest who 44 25,3| at the discretion of the Ordinary. That relationship, in like 45 25,3| the circumstance to the Ordinary, they shall have obtained 46 25,3| admonished on this subject by the Ordinary, even ex officio, they shall 47 25,3| against with severity by the Ordinary, according to the character 48 25,4| military orders, whereof the Ordinary must be certified: notwithstanding 49 25,4| the jurisdiction of the Ordinary; any inhibitions to the 50 25,4| be excited thereby; the Ordinary may, omitting this formality, 51 25,4| at the discretion of the Ordinary, and be condemned to pay 52 26,3| malediction, that, by their ordinary authority, in all monasteries 53 26,3| Monasteries, which have not ordinary Regular visitors, is to 54 26,3| which have not their own ordinary Regular visitors, but have 55 26,3| the devil. But besides the ordinary confessor, the bishop and 56 26,3| shall be questioned by the Ordinary, and again before Profession. ~ 57 26,3| his own superior, and the Ordinary, the reasons which he alleges. 58 26,4| the bishop's house, or his ordinary court of justice. The two 59 26,4| the most expedient to the Ordinary, aided by two of the Chapter, 60 26,4| having been admonished be the Ordinary, have ceased really to discharge 61 26,4| die in the interim, the Ordinary of the place, with the advice 62 26,4| as shall seem fit to the Ordinary, even as the delegate of 63 26,4| at the discretion of the Ordinary; pursuant to the form of

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