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Alphabetical    [«  »]
frugally 1
fruit 9
fruitfully 1
fruits 63
frustrated 1
ful 1
fulfil 5
Frequency    [«  »]
64 lawful
63 able
63 baptism
63 fruits
63 necessary
63 ordinary
63 right

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| the substraction of the fruits, those who hold such prebend, 2 6,2| assigning thereunto the fruits of some simple benefice,-- 3 6,2| this end, either let the fruits of some simple benefice 4 6,2| master of grammar,--which fruits he shall receive so long 5 6,2| regards the reception of the fruits of their prebends and benefices. ~ 6 6,2| remuneration be paid, out of the fruits of the benefices, to some 7 7,1| penance, and bring forth fruits worthy of penance. ~CHAPTER 8 7,1| said works are merely the fruits and signs of Justification 9 7,2| fourth part of one year's fruits, to be applied, by an ecclesiastical 10 7,2| another fourth part of the fruits to be applied in like manner. 11 7,2| withdrawing a portion of the fruits. ~Those inferior to bishops, 12 7,2| non-residence, or of receiving the fruits during absence, be of avail: 13 7,2| suitable portion of the fruits, the cure of souls be nowise 14 8,1| suitable portion of the fruits. ~The Ordinaries of the 15 8,1| suitable portion of the fruits, that the cure of souls 16 8,1| consisting of a third part of the fruits, or of a greater or less 17 15,1| satisfy; bringing forth fruits worthy of penance, which 18 15,5| benefice, and from the fruits, revenues, and proceeds 19 22,2| disregarded, a third part of the fruits and of all proceeds whatever, 20 22,2| deduction made from the fruits; saving, however, the customs 21 22,2| bishop's judgment, out of the fruits in any wise belonging to 22 22,2| deputed with a portion of the fruits; those continuing to give 23 22,2| assign the same a part of the fruits for their sufficient maintenance, 24 22,2| and restored, out of any fruits and proceeds whatever, in 25 22,2| and others who receive any fruits derived from those churches, 26 22,2| the sequestration of the fruits, that what requires renewing 27 23,1| offering being different. The fruits indeed of which oblation, 28 23,4| of the third part of all fruits soever, are to be established; 29 23,4| third part of any manner of fruits and proceeds of all dignities, 30 23,4| the third part of the said fruits and proceeds: any customs, 31 23,4| fee or under lease, the fruits, emoluments, or any sources 32 23,4| property, effects, rights, fruits, and revenues which he has 33 24,2| acquires no property in any fruits, in proportion to the time 34 24,2| in regard of ill-gotten fruits, being prohibited, whereby 35 24,2| prohibited, whereby the aforesaid fruits even might be wholly, or 36 24,2| regards the guilt, the loss of fruits, and the penalties, does 37 24,2| sequestration and substraction of fruits, and by other legal remedies, 38 24,2| be bound to restore the fruits which they have received; 39 24,2| portion, out of the entire fruits of the episcopal revenue, 40 24,2| the substraction of their fruits, those who possess any dignities 41 25,4| aforesaid shall not render the fruits theirs; nor shall possession 42 25,4| deprived of onehalf of the fruits which he has made his own 43 25,4| shall be deprived of all the fruits which he may have acquired 44 25,4| augmentation derived from the fruits. But in the meantime, until 45 25,4| of being aided by certain fruits; provided however those 46 25,4| parish churches also, the fruits of which are in like manner 47 25,4| the assignment of first fruits, or tithes, or by the contributions 48 25,4| pensions, or reservations of fruits. Also, in those cities and 49 25,4| any deductions from the fruits, not applied to pious uses, 50 25,4| or deductions from the fruits, certain payments, promises, 51 25,4| patronage belong to laymen,-the fruits and proceeds of which shall 52 25,4| the duty of receiving the fruits devolves upon it, shall 53 25,4| them be able to retain the fruits thereof, with a safe conscience, 54 25,4| discretion, of a portion of the fruits thereof--to support the 55 26,4| their hands, out of the fruits devoted to that purpose, 56 26,4| further command, that the fruits thereof be converted to 57 26,4| make restitution of the fruits which they have received 58 26,4| with the receiving of the fruits, rents, or revenues of any 59 26,4| of the third part of the fruits, rents, and proceeds of 60 26,4| thereupon forfeit all the fruits and proceeds of their benefices 61 26,4| suitable portion of the fruits shall be assigned to the 62 26,4| suitable portion of the fruits have not been assigned to 63 27 | assured hope that greater fruits will day by day be derived

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