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abide 3
abideth 1
ability 1
able 63
abode 1
abolish 2
abolished 7
Frequency    [«  »]
64 city
64 decrees
64 lawful
63 able
63 baptism
63 fruits
63 necessary

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | message of peace, should be able ourselves to direct everything 2 3,1| far as each one shall be able, the commandments of the 3 4,1| faith, wherewith they may be able to extinguish all the fiery 4 6,2| provincial chapters, to the more able masters. ~In the public 5 7,1| of the law of Moses, were able to be liberated, or to arise, 6 7,1| forasmuch as he is also able to reject it; yet is he 7 7,1| reject it; yet is he not able, by his own free will, without 8 7,1| thee to do what thou are able, and to pray for what thou 9 7,1| pray for what thou art not able (to do), and aids thee that 10 7,1| thee that thou mayest be able; whose commandments are 11 7,1| servants of God, they are able, living soberly, justly, 12 7,1| any other but Him, who is able to establish him who standeth 13 7,1| for this, that man may be able more easily to live justly, 14 7,1| will without grace, he were able to do both, though hardly 15 7,1| the justified, either is able to persevere, without the 16 7,1| with that help, he is not able; let him be anathema. ~CANON 17 7,1| the other hand, that he is able, during his whole life, 18 7,1| fallen after baptism, is not able by the grace of God to rise 19 7,1| rise again; or, that he is able indeed to recover the justice 20 7,2| members thereof, shall not be able,-by any exemptions, customs, 21 8,1| places. And no one shall be able to screen himself, by means 22 14,1| piety and worship as to be able frequently to receive that 23 14,1| miserable pilgrimage, be able to arrive at their heavenly 24 14,3| by how much they shall be able, with greater ease and convenience, 25 14,3| they on any occasion be able to be present, their residence 26 14,3| deposition; and he shall be able by himself to proceed even 27 15,1| however, we are no ways able to arrive by the sacrament 28 15,1| Church, were deservedly able to reserve, for their special 29 15,1| munificence, that we are able through Jesus Christ to 30 15,2| all our life long, to be able in any way to devour our 31 15,3| order that the priest may be able to absolve him; let him 32 15,3| which words every one is able to absolve from sins, to 33 15,5| freedom shall priests be able to correct laymen, when 34 15,5| the said bishops may be able to execute this with greater 35 15,5| unworthy, they are neither able rightly to perform the divine 36 15,5| such as come unto them, be able to ordain, or to promote 37 15,5| find but little fit and able to celebrate the divine 38 15,5| screened, so as not to be able to be visited, punished 39 15,5| bishop; who shall not be able to dispense, without having 40 16,2| they shall forthwith be able at their good pleasure,- 41 17,2| that, should they not be able to be themselves present 42 19,3| they shall forthwith be able at their good pleasure, 43 22,2| prevail,--shall only be able to receive thc tenth part 44 22,2| livelihood: and he shall not be able to resign that benefice, 45 22,2| CHAPTER V. ~Bishops shall be able to form perpetual unions, 46 23,4| possess such learning as to be able to discharge the obligations 47 24,1| many errors, more easily be able to recognise and to hold 48 24,2| execution hereof shall not be able to be suspended by any manner 49 24,2| in minor orders, shall be able to hold a benefice before 50 24,2| with God's help, to be able to live continently; they 51 24,2| though he be a Regular, is able to hear the confessions 52 25,2| professed chastity, are able to contract marriage, and 53 25,2| above that which we are able. ~CANON X.-If any one saith, 54 25,4| visitor; if they shall not be able on account of its extent, 55 25,4| is the nearest, if he be able to do so; otherwise, by 56 25,4| that they may be the better able to keep the people whom 57 25,4| should be such as to be able to answer the purposes of 58 25,4| previously held them be able to retain the fruits thereof, 59 26,3| herein excepted, shall be able to possess real property: 60 26,3| shall any other person be able by any means to grant it, 61 26,3| Society of Jesus from being able to serve God and His church, 62 26,3| and he may not easily be able to recover it, if he should 63 26,4| that others may thence be able to derive examples of frugality,

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