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persist 1
persistance 1
persisting 1
person 61
personal 7
personally 11
personally- 1
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62 whose
61 bound
61 granted
61 person
61 within
60 hath
60 ordained

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | be present themselves in person at this sacred council-- 2 1 | shall be unable to come in person, let them at least send, 3 1 | the council represent the person of his prince with prudence 4 1 | communicated and read to them in person. And we ordain and decree, 5 6,2| benefices, to some other person to discharge that office, 6 7,1| Christ. For even as no pious person ought to doubt of the mercy 7 8,1| made at the instance of any person soever, unless it shall 8 8,3| the above-named city in person, and to be present at that 9 11,2| ignorantly, by whatsoever person, or by whatsoever authority, 10 14,3| cited or warned to appear in person, except for a cause for 11 14,3| they have to appear (in person), shall be carried before 12 15,1| has not forbidden that a person may,--in punishment of his 13 15,2| which the soul of the sick person is invisibly anointed; and 14 15,2| strengthens the soul of the sick person, by exciting in him a great 15 15,5| pontifical functions; and the person so promoted shall in like 16 15,5| his own church, or of the person that may be deputed by the 17 15,5| not to some other inferior person. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~The Presentation 18 17,2| communicated and read to them in person. And we ordain and decree, 19 17,2| guaranteed by the seal of some person constituted in ecclesiastical 20 19,1| thereof; in order that if any person may think himself in any 21 23,4| compel them to exercise in person the aforesaid orders on 22 23,4| gift from a supposititious person and until he shall, furthermore, 23 24,2| illness, shall confer Order in person. ~Bishops shall themselves 24 24,2| parish priest, or such other person as may be deemed more expedient, 25 24,2| and examine the parentage, person, age, education, morals, 26 25,3| of the sacred canons, one person only, whether male or female, 27 25,3| thereof; as also between the person baptizing and the baptized, 28 25,3| whom it may concern, what person or persons they have chosen 29 25,3| beyond him who confirms the person confirmed, his father and 30 25,3| bound, whether he marry the person abducted, or marry her not, 31 25,4| the qualifications of the person to be promoted, shall be 32 25,4| Therefore, the metropolitans in person, or if they be lawfully 33 25,4| bishops shall themselves in person, each in his own church, 34 25,4| perform the divine offices in person, and not by substitutes; 35 25,4| otherwise as competent a person as can be procured: if anything 36 25,4| conferred on one and the same person. If indeed that benefice 37 25,4| decent livelihood to the person on whom it is conferred, 38 25,4| himself, or of some other person, who has been approved of 39 26,3| community, or of any other person, or place, whatsoever, without 40 26,3| only; nor shall any other person be able by any means to 41 26,4| from communion with that person. And all others, who now 42 26,4| can be made on property or person, censures are to be abstained 43 26,4| authority of any Secular person whatever, even though a 44 26,4| circumstances, the place, the person, or the time, he shall himself 45 26,4| often as an execution on the person or property can, in each 46 26,4| goods, or arrest of the person, to be made either by their 47 26,4| this way, either upon the person, or goods, of the guilty, 48 26,4| above be effected upon the person or goods, the judge shall 49 26,4| And every excommunicated person, who, after the lawful monitions, 50 26,4| with the bishop, a third person, within the term of six 51 26,4| the election of that third person, the choice shall devolve 52 26,4| opinion which that third person sides with; otherwise, the 53 26,4| necessary to secure the person, the bishop may at first 54 26,4| necessary detention of the person; observing, however, in 55 26,4| prelates, are reunited in his person; otherwise, the concessions 56 26,4| hospitality receive Christ in (the person of) their guests. But as 57 26,4| trusted to one and the same person longer than for three years, 58 26,4| at the instance of any person whatsoever, by whatsoever 59 26,4| to exercise the above in person or by others; and any grants 60 26,4| but even serve them in person. Wherefore, the holy Synod, 61 27 | seal and signature of some person constituted in ecclesiastical

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