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grade 3
grammar 3
grant 15
granted 61
granting 4
grants 9
grateful 2
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62 unless
62 whose
61 bound
61 granted
61 person
61 within
60 hath

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | Vicenza, a wealthy city granted to us by the Venetians, 2 1 | July. And this delay we granted the more readily, because 3 1 | privilege, the power has been granted of sitting in general councils, 4 7,2| dispensations, however, granted solely for true and reasonable 5 8,1| obtained, which having been granted within the aforenamed period, 6 8,1| prescribed by law, and any delays granted, extending beyond the period 7 8,1| exceed a year. ~Faculties granted for not being promoted ( 8 10,1| Apostolic See, specially also granted to the said most reverend 9 14,4| is concerned, given and granted, according to their request; 10 14,5| SAFE-CONDUCT GRANTED TO PROTESTANTS~The sacred 11 15,5| virtue of any privilege granted them to promote during a 12 15,5| these letters may have been granted, shall not avail any, of 13 15,5| dispensation ought to be granted, even for the ministry of 14 15,5| have been accustomed to be granted in title to professed Regulars, 15 16,2| hearing, by this said Synod granted to the above-named;--derogating 16 19,1| the public faith may be granted in a general congregation, 17 19,3| SAFE-CONDUCT GRANTED TO THE GERMAN NATION~In 18 19,3| hearing, by this said Synod granted to the above-named;--derogating 19 19,4| same terms, wherein it is granted to the Germans, to all and 20 22,1| of the chalice is to be granted to any nation or kingdom, 21 22,2| notwithstanding any privileges granted to any churches, monasteries, 22 23,4| authority they are to be granted, if they are to be consigned 23 23,4| dispensations which shall be granted as graces, they shall not 24 23,5| of the chalice is to be granted to any nation, or kingdom, 25 24,2| judge of the permissions granted by himself, or by his suffragan, 26 24,2| any privileges whatsoever, granted to any college or fabric, 27 24,2| absent,--which is to be granted in writing and gratuitously,-- 28 24,2| whatsoever, to whomsoever granted, to the contrary notwithstanding. ~ 29 24,2| approval, which shall be granted gratuitously; any privileges, 30 25,3| aforesaid benediction cannot be granted by any other than the parish 31 25,3| manner dispensation is to be granted therein. ~If any one shall 32 25,3| dispensation at all shall be granted, or rarely, and then for 33 25,3| dispensation shall never be granted in the second degree, except 34 25,4| under various titles, are granted to very many persons, are 35 25,4| privileges have already been granted, or to whom they may be 36 25,4| an indult, or privilege granted in favour of cardinals of 37 25,4| new provisions, indults granted to any university whatsoever, 38 25,4| expectant, shall not any more be granted to any one, not even to 39 25,4| as have been heretofore granted. So, neither shall any mental 40 25,4| others, or to monasteries, be granted to any, not even cardinals 41 25,4| Church; and those hitherto granted shall be looked upon as 42 26,3| places, to which it has been granted by apostolic authority to 43 26,3| faculty, or indult, already granted, or that may hereafter be 44 26,3| or that may hereafter be granted. And forasmuch as those 45 26,3| faculties that have been granted in this matter shall be 46 26,3| and should any others be granted for the time to come, they 47 26,3| nor shall permission be granted to any Regular to wear in 48 26,4| privileges which have been granted to universities for general 49 26,4| cause, a Coadjutor is to be granted. ~Whereas, as regards ecclesiastical 50 26,4| con-sent, be henceforth granted to any individual; nor shall 51 26,4| nor shall those already granted be suspended, extended, 52 26,4| demands that a coajutor be granted to a prelate, such coadjutor 53 26,4| succession shall not otherwise be granted but after the said cause 54 26,4| hospitals, and have been granted to the patrons thereof to 55 26,4| to be proved, and to whom granted: what is not lawful for 56 26,4| and privileges, whether granted so as to have the force 57 26,4| whatsoever privilege, been granted to other monasteries, hospitals, 58 26,4| a dispensation is to be granted in regard thereof, it shall 59 26,4| dispensed with; this shall be granted, after the cause has been 60 26,4| appertains; and any dispensation granted otherwise shall be esteemed 61 26,7| conferring Indulgences was granted by Christ to the Church;

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