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Alphabetical    [«  »]
born 18
borne 7
both 83
bound 61
boundaries 2
bountifully 2
bounty 7
Frequency    [«  »]
62 observed
62 unless
62 whose
61 bound
61 granted
61 person
61 within

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | if they feel themselves bound and obliged, by the Lord' 2 5,2| approval, they shall be bound to obtain a license also 3 6,2| prelates of the churches be bound personally--if they be not 4 6,2| impediment, they shall be bound, in accordance with the 5 6,2| which license they shall be bound to present themselves personally 6 7,1| again and justified, is bound of faith to believe that 7 7,1| how perfect soever, is not bound to observe the commandments 8 8,1| such wise that they are not bound to observe them, unless 9 8,1| present decree, they shall be bound, retaining the one which 10 8,1| Ordinaries of the places shall be bound to visit every year, with 11 8,1| of an appeal, from being bound to undergo that examination. 12 14,2| faithful of both sexes are bound, when they have attained 13 14,3| bishop, nor his vicar, be bound to defer to any such appeal, 14 15,1| bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven, and whatsoever 15 15,3| bind upon earth shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever 16 15,5| who shall be absolutely bound to take the habit, and make 17 17,2| nevertheless they shall be bound to prove to the Synod by 18 22,1| not sacrifising, are not bound, of divine right, to communion 19 22,1| the faithful of Church be bound, by the institution of the 20 22,1| little Children are not bound to sacramental Communion.~ 21 22,2| Synod ordains that they are bound to give their labour altogether 22 23,3| take diligent care, and be bound to prohibit and abolish 23 23,4| is to be derived shall be bound to report on these matters 24 23,4| the Epistle, they shall be bound, all just impediment ceasing, 25 23,4| inhibitions after an appeal, be bound to observe the form and 26 23,4| places whatsoever, shall be bound to give in, once a year, 27 24,2| diocese, where they shall be bound to discharge the office 28 24,2| God, whose work they are bound, at their periol, not to 29 24,2| safe conscience; but is bound, or, in his default, his 30 24,2| of consecration, shall be bound to restore the fruits which 31 24,2| greater than these, shall be bound, each according to its means 32 25,3| abducer shall furthermore be bound, whether he marry the person 33 25,4| thereat, shall be absolutely bound to assemble, those excepted 34 25,4| provincial Synod they shall be bound to be present with the other 35 25,4| general Chapters, shall be bound to come; understanding however 36 25,4| other inferiors, shall be bound to give the bishop an account, 37 25,4| charge of those who are bound, or who are accustomed, 38 25,4| people, that each one is bound to be present at his own 39 25,4| what those so promoted are bound to perform. ~Whereas dignities, 40 25,4| obtaining possession, be bound to make a public profession 41 25,4| cathedral churches, shall be bound to do this not only before 42 25,4| shall also be absolutely bound, within eight days after 43 25,4| The Chapter shall also be bound to render an account to 44 25,4| these matters, they shall be bound to render an account, not 45 25,4| examiners, him he shall be bound to present to the bishop, 46 25,4| force, and they shall be bound to make satisfaction to 47 25,4| having elapsed, he shall be bound to transfer, at his own 48 25,4| appear, then shall he also be bound to bear his proportion of 49 25,4| Moreover, the notary shall be bound to furnish the appellant, 50 26,1| church, and others who are bound to render this (service). ~ 51 26,3| Apostolic See, shall be bound, within a year from the 52 26,3| orders; and they shall be bound to visit frequently the 53 26,3| of the convent shall be bound to give him notice thereof 54 26,3| orders aforesaid shall be bound to receive the above-named 55 26,3| present in commendam shall be bound,-unless provision be made 56 26,4| the same province shall be bound, under pain of the divine 57 26,4| faithful, but, if, being bound with censures, he shall, 58 26,4| or his vicar, shall be bound to proceed, both in instituting 59 26,4| conditions to which they are bound, they may be compelled thereunto 60 26,4| this notwithstanding, be bound in conscience to make restitution 61 26,4| tithes, to which they are bound in law, to the cathedral

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