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cures 8
curiosity 1
custody 1
custom 59
customary 1
customs 27
cynthius 1
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60 hath
60 ordained
60 sacraments
59 custom
59 i
59 its
58 called

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | pains, which, by law or custom, are usually passed and 2 6,2| whether established by custom, or in any other way, be 3 6,2| the Apostolic See; nor let custom, or exemption, or appeal, 4 6,2| appointment of the law, or the custom of the place, even though 5 7,2| residence whether by law or custom, shall be compelled, by 6 8,1| virtue of any privilege or custom whatsoever,-a license for 7 8,1| any privilege soever, or custom, which may even have a prescription 8 11,2| others, who of right, or custom, or privilege, ought to 9 14,1| Christ may, according to the custom ever received in the Catholic 10 14,1| and religiously was this custom introduced into the Church, 11 14,1| bearing it to the Sick. The custom of reserving the holy Eucharist 12 14,1| this salutary and necessary custom is to be by all means retained. ~ 13 14,1| sacrament, it was always the custom in the Church of God, that 14 14,1| communicate themselves; which custom, as coming down from an 15 14,2| laudable and universal rite and custom of holy church; or, is not 16 14,3| as also every usage and custom even immemorial, to the 17 15,1| prayers are, according to the custom of holy Church, laudably 18 15,1| declared in confession, as the custom of pious persons demonstrates, 19 15,1| whole Church, the salutary custom is, to the great benefit 20 15,1| acceptable time of Lent,--a custom which this holy Synod most 21 16,2| human and divine, or by custom, the violators of such safe-conducts 22 17,2| by privilege, or ancient custom, are allowed to sit, and 23 19,3| human and divine, or by custom, the violators of such safe-conducts 24 22,1| in progress of time, that custom having been already very 25 22,1| reasons,- has approved of this custom of communicating under one 26 22,1| one time, observed that custom; for as those most holy 27 22,2| only where the laudable custom of not receiving any thing 28 23,4| has, neither by right, nor custom, any jurisdiction, administration, 29 23,4| only, wherein there is no custom, or statute, whereby the 30 23,4| beginning Romana; any custom, even though immemorial, 31 23,4| support of the poor; any custom, even though immemorial, 32 23,4| expressly provided. But if from custom, or privilege, or some regulation 33 24,2| authority soever,--by any custom, even though immemorial, 34 24,2| tonsure: no privilege, or custom, even immemorial, availing 35 24,2| confer on him a benefice; any custom, even though immemorial, 36 24,2| gratuitously; any privileges, and custom whatsoever, though immemorial, 37 24,2| a special derogation-any custom, even immemorial, or any 38 24,2| provincial Synod according to the custom of the country, shall have 39 25,3| himself, or the Ordinary; any custom, even though immemorial, 40 25,3| privilege, or an immemorial custom,-remain ipso jure suspended, 41 25,4| convenient time, according to the custom of the province; at which 42 25,4| others, who, by right or custom, ought to be present thereat, 43 25,4| under the pretext of any custom whatsoever, to repair against 44 25,4| in their entire form; any custom, even though immemorial, 45 25,4| whatsoever way offered; any custom, even though immemorial, 46 25,4| provinces, where it is the custom that neither food, money, 47 25,4| where the more praiseworthy custom requires, that the greater 48 25,4| any manner of statute or custom whatsoever, for those who 49 25,4| thereof, or from an evil custom, that upon any election, 50 25,4| Synod shall, considering the custom of the country, judge this 51 25,4| thereof; unless it be the custom of the place to act otherwise, 52 26,4| others, who, of right or custom, ought to be present at 53 26,4| Chapter, to whom of right or custom it appertains, nor shall 54 26,4| any union, exemption, and custom, even from time immemorial, 55 26,4| of the beneficiary, any custom whatever to the contrary 56 26,4| penalties. ~The detestable custom of duelling, introduced 57 26,4| privilege soever, or evil custom, though immemorial, notwithstanding. ~ 58 26,7| the ancient and approved custom in the Church, moderation 59 27 | copies being, according to custom, left in those same places,

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