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58 causes
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57 cannot
57 care
57 cathedral

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | our strength unequal to take upon us so heavy a burthen. 2 3,1| at the Congregations, and take part in any other act whatsoever 3 4,1| most wicked one, and to take the helmet of salvation, 4 7,1| think themselves to stand, take heed lest they fall, and, 5 8,1| CHAPTER XV. ~Ordinaries shall take care that all manner of 6 8,1| adminstrators. ~The Ordinaries shall take care that all hospitals 7 14,3| CHAPTER V. ~The bishop shall take summary cognizance of graces 8 14,3| delegate of the Apostolic See, take cognizance even summarily 9 15,5| churches their rectors, each to take care of his own sheep, that 10 15,5| shall be absolutely bound to take the habit, and make that 11 16,1| wish. And,- that It may take from them all cause for 12 16,2| of the city of Trent to take the air, as of ten as it 13 17,1| to their own churches to take care of their own sheep, 14 17,2| their name; and that they take diligent care, worthy of 15 19,3| of the City of Trent to take the air, as often as it 16 23,3| bishops of places shall take diligent care, and be bound 17 23,4| that dignity is willing to take upon himself; in this case, 18 23,4| their office, they shall take cognizance of, and see to 19 24,2| where the consecration is to take place. ~Those who,--under 20 24,2| from them. The bishop shall take care that they celebrate 21 24,2| ceremonies. The bishop shall take care that they be present 22 24,2| with the clergy,--shall take a certain part or portion, 23 24,2| oldest suffragans, shall take care to establish one or 24 25,2| away the adulteress, shall take another wife, as also she, 25 25,2| away the adulterer, shall take another husband; let him 26 25,2| causes, a separation may take place between husband and 27 25,3| celebrated; and the bishops shall take care that they be conducted 28 25,4| Universal Church,-that he take unto himself, to wit as 29 25,4| these things, and shall take care that the revenues of 30 25,4| said bishops shall also take care, that, at least on 31 25,4| commissioners than this,-that they take information only of the 32 25,4| which the bishops shall take care to have faithfully 33 25,4| require. They shall also take care, that the same be done, 34 25,4| shall themselves carefully take cognizance of their constitutions, 35 25,4| Apostolic See, having power to take cognizance of any surreption, 36 25,4| and diligent stewards to take care of the property and 37 25,4| competent, judges, who shall take up the cause as it shall 38 25,4| shall then stand, and shall take care that it be terminated 39 25,4| aforesaid, or in any wise to take from them, or to disturb 40 26,1| faithful. But let the bishops take care, that the suffrages 41 26,3| of an election that is to take place; nor to supply the 42 26,3| metropolitan, they shall not take measures to execute the 43 26,3| convents of nuns, shall take particular care that the 44 26,3| processions, as at those which take place in burying the dead, 45 26,3| twelve years of age, wish to take the Regular Habit, she shall 46 26,3| years of age, desire to take the religious habit, she 47 26,3| religious habit, she shall not take that habit, neither shall 48 26,3| against her will, or to take the habit of any religious 49 26,3| voluntarily, or voluntarily take the habit, or make her profession, 50 26,3| virgins, or other women, to take the veil, or make their 51 26,4| studies, shall diligently take care that the canons and 52 26,4| visitation, his Blessedness will take care that they be, by his 53 26,4| themselves convoke the Chapter, take the votes, and decide according 54 26,4| event, the bishop shall take care that what is ordained 55 26,4| Even as it is not just to take away the legitimate rights 56 26,4| churches ; nor those who rashly take possession of, and apply 57 26,4| interrupted connexion, or to take to themselves other scandalous 58 26,4| have permitted the duel to take place, which they hold of

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