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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 22,2| parishes is set forth. ~In all parish churches, or those wherein 2 22,2| and unskilful rectors of parish churches are but little 3 22,2| erected. But, as regards parish churches which have thus 4 22,2| to convert both the said parish churches and others that 5 23,3| frequently to their own parish churches, at least on the 6 24,2| good testimonial from their parish priest; and from the master 7 24,2| who shall commission the parish priest, or such other person 8 25,3| than in the presence of the Parish Priest and of two or three 9 25,3| is contracted, the proper parish priest of the contracting 10 25,3| of the church; where the parish priest, after having interrogated 11 25,3| celebrated in the presence of the parish priest, and of two or three 12 25,3| than in the presence of the parish priest, or of some other 13 25,3| by permission of the said parish priest, or of the Ordinary, 14 25,3| Moreover It enjoins, that the parish priest, or any other priest, 15 25,3| present thereat without the parish priest, or some other priest; 16 25,3| shall be given by their own parish priest, and that permission 17 25,3| granted by any other than the parish priest himself, or the Ordinary; 18 25,3| notwithstanding. And if any parish priest, or any other priest, 19 25,3| the betrothed of another parish, or to bless them when married, 20 25,3| the permission of their parish priest, he shall-even though 21 25,3| by the Ordinary of that parish priest who ought to have 22 25,3| have been received. ~The parish priest shall have a book, 23 25,3| explained to the people in every parish church of their respective 24 25,3| begin to be in force in each parish, at the expiration of thirty 25 25,3| publication made in the said parish. ~CHAPTER II. ~Between whom 26 25,3| relationship be contracted. ~The parish priest, before he proceeds 27 25,3| fault or negligence of the parish priest any thing be done 28 25,3| severely. But It commands parish priests not to be present 29 25,4| is to be discharged: the Parish Church to be frequented 30 25,4| the other churches by the parish priests, or, if they be 31 25,4| to be present at his own parish church, where it can be 32 25,4| festivals, the children in every parish be carefully taught the 33 25,4| explained by Bishops and Parish Priests; during the solemnization 34 25,4| piously and prudently by every parish priest; and this even in 35 25,4| expounded to the people by all parish priests; as also that, during 36 25,4| slightly endowed Cathedral and Parish Churches: Parishes are to 37 25,4| to certain visitors. ~In parish churches also, the fruits 38 25,4| of the rector and of the parish. ~But in whatsoever unions 39 25,4| aforesaid, or for others, parish churches shall not be united 40 25,4| thousand ducats, and those parish churches where it does not 41 25,4| cities and places where the parish churches have not any certain 42 25,4| they shall assign to each parish its own perpetual and peculiar 43 25,4| own perpetual and peculiar parish priest who may know his 44 25,4| places where there are no parish churches: any privileges 45 25,4| months; otherwise as well the parish churches, as also all the 46 25,4| CHAPTER XVIII. ~Upon a Parish Church becoming vacant, 47 25,4| until it be provided with a Parish Priest: in what manner and 48 25,4| by worthy and competent parish priests. To the end that 49 25,4| when a vacancy occurs in a parish church, whether by death, 50 25,4| though, moreover, the said parish church may be reserved, 51 25,4| If, however, the said parish churches should possess 52 26,3| temporary jurisdiction over the parish priests and their parishioners; 53 26,4| or the poor; or, if the parish churches should happen to 54 26,4| bountifully those bishops and parish priests who preside over 55 26,4| paid to the Cathedral or Parish Churches. The holy Synod 56 26,4| paid to the cathedral, or parish, church, but has subsequently, 57 26,4| paid to the cathedral or parish church; all grants, graces, 58 26,4| reverence towards the clergy, parish priests, and the superior

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