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Council of Trent

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1 7,1| impious is, and what are the causes thereof. ~This disposition, 2 7,1| Of this Justification the causes are these: the final cause 3 7,2| or just and reasonable causes ceasing, be absent from 4 7,2| for true and reasonable causes, and which are to be legitimately 5 8,1| or otherwise reasonable causes, which are to be verified 6 8,1| especially in criminal causes; whilst those constituted 7 8,1| CHAPTER XIV. ~The civil causes of exempted persons which 8 8,1| cognizance of by bishops. ~In the causes of exempted persons, the 9 8,1| further, that, in civil causes relative to wages, and to 10 8,1| Apostolic See; and in other causes, if they have no such judge,- 11 10,1| manner; (the Synod) ,-for causes then pressing, urgent, and 12 14,3| ordained and decreed that: In causes relative to visitation and 13 14,3| incompetency, as also in criminal causes, there shall be no appeal, 14 14,3| from the bishop in criminal causes, when to be committed to 15 14,3| VIII. ~Important episcopal causes shall be taken cognizance 16 14,3| the Supreme Pontiff. The causes of bishops, when, on account 17 15,5| being, in criminal and mixed causes, accused and summoned, and 18 15,5| been ceded to him. In civil causes also, if he be the plaintiff, 19 15,5| conservatory. And if, in those causes wherein he shall be the 20 15,5| any fixed tribunal. As to causes which relate to wages and 21 17,2| interrupted from various causes, It could not be brought 22 19,1| to do away with various causes of complaint. ./. And the 23 21,1| difficulties arising from divers causes, and also to the end that 24 22,1| was not induced, by just causes and reasons, to communicate, 25 23,4| before them, shall, in all causes whatsoever, as well in admitting 26 23,4| unskilfulness of notaries causes very many injuries, and 27 23,4| spiritual affairs, lawsuits, and causes; nor shall any appeal on 28 24,2| absent thence, save for the causes and in the manner subjoined. 29 24,2| Synod ordains, that these causes of lawful absence are to 30 24,2| attached to the bishoprics; the causes of which absence being notorious, 31 24,2| months; except for the causes above named; and that regard 32 25,2| declares that, for many causes, a separation may take place 33 25,2| saith, that matrimonial causes do not belong to ecclesiastical 34 25,4| CHAPTER V. ~In criminal causes against Bishops, the greater 35 25,4| against Bishops, the greater causes shall be taken cognizance 36 25,4| The more grave criminal causes against bishops, even of 37 25,4| But the less criminal causes of bishops shall be taken 38 25,4| and well nigh compulsory causes, that certain persons be 39 25,4| be made, whether for the causes aforesaid, or for others, 40 25,4| The manner of conducting causes, appertaining to the Ecclesiastical 41 25,4| court, is prescribed. ~All causes belonging in any way whatever 42 25,4| before that period, shall the causes be committed to any others ( 43 25,4| are to be excepted those causes, which, pursuant to the 44 25,4| matrimonial and criminal causes shall not be left to the 45 25,4| cognizance of this class of causes: and if, in any said matrimonial 46 25,4| to impede bishops in the causes aforesaid, or in any wise 47 26,4| be rashly or for slight causes wielded, it is more despised 48 26,4| on. ~As regards judicial causes, it is enjoined on all ecclesiastical 49 26,4| authority ; but in civil causes, which in any way belong 50 26,4| like manner in criminal causes, wherein an execution can 51 26,4| subject to the bishop in causes ecclesiastical; notwithstanding, 52 26,4| CHAPTER X. ~Judges, unto whom causes may be committed by the 53 26,4| all judges shall terminate causes speedily. ~Forasmuch as 54 26,4| knowledge of the persons to whom causes are committed cannot be 55 26,4| perfectly obtained; and hence causes are sometimes referred to 56 26,4| ecclesiastical and spiritual causes, belonging to the ecclesiastical 57 26,4| qualified as above, to whom causes of this nature may be committed 58 26,4| to endeavour to terminate causes in as brief a period as

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