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calamitousness 2
calends 16
call 7
called 58
calling 8
calls 2
calmed 1
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59 custom
59 i
59 its
58 called
58 causes
58 notwithstanding
58 parish

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | solicitude and watchfulness were called; we would fain indeed have 2 1 | having been, as we have said, called upon to guide and govern 3 1 | advice of that diet we were called upon to declare that certain 4 6,1| never understood it to be called sin, as being truly and 5 6,2| alms--who are also commonly called Questors-of whatsoever condition 6 7,1| on their parts, they are called; that so they, who by sins 7 7,1| only reputed, but are truly called, and are, just, receiving 8 7,1| daily sins, which are also called venial, not therefore do 9 7,1| holy Fathers have aptly called a second plank after the 10 7,1| for that justice which is called ours, because that we are 11 7,1| that all others who are called, are called indeed, but 12 7,1| others who are called, are called indeed, but receive not 13 8,1| administrators, by what names soever called, and in what way soever 14 14,1| Church, suitably and properly called Transubstantiation. ~CHAPTER 15 15,1| penance has justly been called by holy Fathers a laborious 16 15,1| sins, are for this reason called the parts of penance. But 17 15,1| imperfect contrition, which is called attrition, because that 18 15,2| life: whence also it is called the sacrament of the departing. 19 15,3| therefore Penance is not rightly called a second plank after shipwreck; 20 15,3| satisfaction, which are called the three parts of penance; 21 15,5| of the bishops, who are called titular, even though they 22 17,2| hereof. ~Immediately on being called, by the alone mercy of God, 23 19,1| hearts, whereunto they are called, lit one body. Wherefore, 24 22,2| whatsoever, which may rather be called abuses and corruptions tending 25 22,2| abbeys, priories, and those called provostries, wherein regular 26 23,1| blessed John, the peoples are called waters, the union of that 27 23,3| that, in holy writ, he is called accursed, who doth the work 28 23,3| be seen to be, and may be called, truly a house of prayer. ~ 29 23,4| imitate. Wherefore clerics called to have the Lord for their 30 23,4| laymen, even those which are called schools, or which go by 31 23,4| eleemosynary institutions, called monts-de-piete, or of charity, 32 23,4| charitable institution called mont-de-piete, and of any 33 24,1| all those who, being only called and instituted by the people, 34 24,2| or composition as it is called, in regard of ill-gotten 35 24,2| which in some places are called schools, likewise of all 36 24,2| prestimonial portions as they are called, even before they fall vacant, 37 24,2| or dignities, which are called professorships of theology, 38 25,3| which ought rather to be called a corruption, or any privilege 39 25,3| officio, even though not called upon to do so by any one; 40 25,4| right, that those who are called unto those dignities, should 41 25,4| manner archdeacons, who are called the eyes of the bishop, 42 25,4| they may with justice be called the senate of the Church. 43 25,4| which are in some churches called Turnorum lucra; and whereas 44 25,4| excepting even those churches called patrimonial, or receptive, 45 25,4| and those graces which are called expectant, shall not any 46 26,3| brethren of St. Francis (called) Capuchins, and those called 47 26,3| called) Capuchins, and those called Minor Observants: and if 48 26,3| placed over the rest, may be called,--who is less than forty 49 26,3| See, even those which are called by the name of Chapters 50 26,3| excepted those women who are called penitents, or convertites; 51 26,3| be the filiations thereof called abbeys or priories, those 52 26,3| words expressed, even those called mare magnum, even those 53 26,4| comprehend that they are called, not to their own convenience, 54 26,4| churches, the places commonly called hospitals, or other pious 55 26,4| ago, a fourth, as it is called, of funerals, was accustomed 56 26,4| privileges, even those called mare magnum, or any others 57 26,4| whatsoever name they may be called, which, by their original 58 26,4| fought, and those who are called their seconds (sponsors),

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