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firmly 5
firmness 3
first 76
fit 57
fitting 1
five 6
fix 1
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57 care
57 cathedral
57 catholic
57 fit
57 given
57 man
57 neither

Council of Trent

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1 1 | other city ; andwhereas one fit and suitable did not immediately 2 4,2| things which it shall seem fit to the said Synod to discuss 3 6,2| of Lateran), to appoint fit persons to discharge wholesomely 4 7,2| Christian people, has thought it fit to begin with those who 5 7,2| those whom they shall see fit to have accompany them. ~ 6 8,1| the Fathers, has thought fit that these present canons 7 8,1| provide, even by deputing fit vicars and by assigning 8 8,1| first examined, and found fit, by the Ordinaries of the 9 8,1| holy Synod hath thought fit to renew, and doth hereby 10 8,3| also in a convenient and fit place. Wherefore, whereas 11 8,3| City, as to you shall seem fit, and to suppress and dissolve 12 9,1| provided, more healthy, and fit, and that the translation 13 14,5| whensoever they shall think fit. It hath furthermore seemed 14 15,5| presiding therein, has thought fit that these canons following 15 15,5| ordained who are but little fit, and are uninstructed and 16 15,5| his own prelate shall seem fit. ~CHAPTER III. ~The bishop 17 15,5| time that shall seem to him fit, from the exercise of the 18 15,5| himself shall find but little fit and able to celebrate the 19 16,2| whatsoever they may think fit, and any articles what-ever, 20 16,2| often as they shall think fit; so as however one or more 21 19,3| whatsoever they may think fit, and any articles whatever, 22 19,3| often as they shall think fit; so as however one or more 23 20,1| and good reasons, thought fit to prorogue, and doth hereby 24 21,1| whatsoever it shall seem fit to ordain, as well concerning 25 22,1| Catholic Church, It has thought fit, that what relates to communion 26 22,2| presiding therein,-has thought fit that, to the praise of Almighty 27 22,2| cleric, though otherwise fit as regards morals, knowledge, 28 22,2| churches are but little fit for the sacred offices; 29 22,2| places, as they shall judge fit, after having summoned those 30 23,4| testimony of some academy, fit to teach others. And, if 31 23,4| assigned as they shall judge fit; in such wise to wit, that, 32 24,2| as the bishop shall think fit. And the bishop, calling 33 24,2| unto salvation, as also fit to administer the sacraments; 34 24,2| he is not to be reputed fit thereunto, unless he either 35 24,2| classes as he shall think fit, according to their number, 36 24,2| this purpose, if he think fit, the help of the Secular 37 24,2| bishop, those chosen are not fit, they shall noniminate another 38 24,2| noniminate another who is fit, without any appeal being 39 25,3| the Ordinaries shall think fit, calling in the aid of the 40 25,4| doth certainly think them fit to be placed over the churches: 41 25,4| above all things, good and fit pastors; and this the more, 42 25,4| suitable manner, as may seem fit to the Sovereign Pontiff, 43 25,4| who may know any that are fit for the office, to give 44 25,4| whomsoever they shall think most fit. ~And as regards the examiners, 45 25,4| by the said examiners, fit by age, morals, learning, 46 25,4| he shall judge the most fit of all; and to him, and 47 25,4| admitted, unless he be found fit. And, in all the above-mentioned 48 25,4| reasonable cause, judge fit to appoint, or to avocate, 49 25,4| bishop; that so, if it seem fit to him to communicate any 50 26,3| reformation, has thought fit that the things following 51 26,3| as the bishop shall think fit. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~No one 52 26,4| of anathema, if he think fit. ~In like manner in criminal 53 26,4| presented, if they be not fit. But if the institution 54 26,4| spot who are not altogether fit; the holy Synod ordains, 55 26,4| long a period as shall seem fit to the Ordinary, even as 56 26,4| ecclesiastical persons, has thought fit, that Secular princes also 57 27 | allowed, as he might think fit, to publish his own commentaries

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