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catechumen 1
catharine 1
cathe- 1
cathedral 57
cathedralium 1
cathedrals 1
catholic 57
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58 take
57 cannot
57 care
57 cathedral
57 catholic
57 fit
57 given

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 3,1| shall be celebrated, in the cathedral church, the mass of the 2 6,2| But in metropolitan, or cathedral churches, if the city be 3 7,2| primatial, metropolitan, and cathedral churches, and hereby accounts 4 7,2| primatial, metropolitan, or cathedral church, under what title 5 7,2| abrogated. ~The Chapters of cathedral, and of other greater, churches, 6 8,1| is capable of governing Cathedral churches. ~No one shall 7 8,1| assumed unto the government of Cathedral churches, but one that is 8 8,1| The holders of several Cathedral churches are commanded to 9 8,1| several Metropolitan, or Cathedral, churches, whether by title, 10 8,1| always united and annexed to Cathedral, Collegiate, or other churches, 11 22,2| that in churches, as well cathedral as collegiate, wherein there 12 23,4| Who are to be promoted to Cathedral Churches. ~Whosoever is, 13 23,4| hereafter, to be promoted to a cathedral church shall not only be 14 23,4| and offices existing in cathedral or collegiate churches, 15 23,4| devolving upon him in the cathedral or collegiate churches; 16 23,4| divine offices in those cathedral or collegiate churches. 17 23,4| voice in the chapter of any Cathedral or Collegiate Church. The 18 23,4| the divine offices in a cathedral, or collegiate, Secular 19 23,4| whatsoever, even though it be a cathedral, as also of any hospital, 20 24,2| be absent from their own cathedral church during the period 21 24,2| Church,--have been set over cathedral, or superior, churches, 22 24,2| appointed by law, and in the cathedral churches, in the presence 23 24,2| whatsoever, even those of cathedral churches, grant letters 24 24,2| conveniently done, in the cathedral, collegiate, and parochial 25 24,2| Synod ordains, that all cathedral, metropolitan, and other 26 24,2| on festivals serve in the cathedral and other churches of the 27 25,4| who are to be promoted to cathedral and superior churches, yet 28 25,4| diocese, shall not visit the cathedral churches, or the dioceses 29 25,4| Penitentiary to be instituted in Cathedral Churches. ~The apostle admonishes 30 25,4| secret. Likewise, in all cathedral churches, where it can be 31 25,4| the Apostolic See-whose cathedral church is the nearest, if 32 25,4| dignities and canonries of Cathedral Churches: and what those 33 25,4| dignities, especially in cathedral churches, were established 34 25,4| canonries and dignities in cathedral churches, shall be bound 35 25,4| holy Synod. As regards all cathedral churches, all canonries 36 25,4| least of the canonries, in cathedral and eminent collegiate churches, 37 25,4| who possess, in the said cathedral or collegiate churches, 38 25,4| the more slightly endowed Cathedral and Parish Churches: Parishes 39 25,4| Forasmuch as very many cathedral churches have so slight 40 25,4| dignities, or prebends of a cathedral or collegiate church, or 41 25,4| Furthermore, all those cathedral churches, the revenue of 42 25,4| In many churches, as well cathedral as collegiate and parochial, 43 25,4| to the possession of any cathedral church, benefice, canonries, 44 25,4| increasing the slight prebends of Cathedral, and of eminent Collegiate 45 25,4| Collegiate Churches. ~In cathedral, and eminent collegiate, 46 25,4| shall apply not only to cathedral churches, but also to all 47 25,4| parochial churches, or one cathedral and one parochial church, 48 25,4| parochial church only, or the cathedral church alone, to resign 49 26,4| shall be observed in all cathedral and collegiate churches, 50 26,4| whatsoever, and even in cathedral churches, and as regards 51 26,4| the evident advantage of a cathedral church, or of a monastery, 52 26,4| benefices whatsoever, in a cathedral or col-legiate church; as 53 26,4| rights of patronage belong to cathedral churches, and excepting 54 26,4| are bound in law, to the cathedral church, or to whatsoever 55 26,4| dues) shall be paid to the Cathedral or Parish Churches. The 56 26,4| accustomed to be paid to the cathedral, or parish, church, but 57 26,4| formerly usual, be paid to the cathedral or parish church; all grants,

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