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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| any parochial churches, subject to monasteries which are 2 7,1| of faith, which cannot be subject to error, that he has obtained 3 7,2| those persons only who are subject to that same Ordinary: if 4 8,1| in these our days on the subject of the said most holy sacraments,- 5 11,1| month of April last, on the subject of the Sacraments and of 6 11,2| promulgated as well on the subject of faith as of Reformation, 7 11,2| made and published on this subject, willed to be present at 8 14,3| life and conversation those subject to them, thinks it meet 9 14,3| so to preside over those subject to them, as not to lord 10 14,4| have sprung up again on the subject of this most holy sacrament, 11 15,1| be passed only on those subject (to that judicature), it 12 15,5| the vices of all who are subject to them, this will have 13 15,5| and safe for one that is subject, by rendering due obedience 14 15,5| orders whatsoever on one not subject to him, be he even his own 15 15,5| regard of those who are subject to the said ordinary, do, 16 15,5| to the first tonsure, the subject of another bishop, even 17 15,5| who would otherwise be subject to their jurisdiction,-- 18 15,5| proceed against clerics not subject to him,--especially against 19 15,5| inconvenience to such as are subject thereunto; the benefices 20 15,5| of this holy Synod on the subject of these unions. ~CHAPTER 21 15,5| sacrament of order, and that the subject of reformation will be prosecuted. ~ ~ 22 16,1| and will prosecute the subject of Reformation. ~ 23 22,2| they keep, and govern those subject to them, in their duty. 24 23,1| to the faithful, on the subject of the Eucharist, considered 25 23,4| the correction of those subject to them. ~CHAPTER II. ~Who 26 23,4| CHAPTER X. ~Notaries shall be subject to the examination and judgment 27 24,2| household, who is not his subject, unless he has lived with 28 24,2| one who is not a Regular subject to them; nor shall the said 29 25,3| times admonished on this subject by the Ordinary, even ex 30 25,3| or indirectly, on those subject to them, or any others whomsoever, 31 25,4| holy Synod, prosecuting the subject of Reformation, ordains 32 25,4| good and learned men on the subject of the aforesaid qualifications, 33 25,4| bishops likewise who are not subject to any archbishop, shall 34 25,4| attend, and who are not subject to general Chapters, shall 35 25,4| elsewhere set forth on this subject, under Paul III., of happy 36 25,4| conceded, from being fully subject in all things to the said 37 25,4| but such shall continue subject to the jurisdiction of the 38 25,4| is in force, or which are subject to general Chapters, or 39 26,3| holy Synod, prosecuting the subject of reformation, has thought 40 26,3| authority, in all monasteries subject to them, and in others, 41 26,3| monasteries which are not subject to general Chapters, or 42 26,3| Convents of Nuns immediately subject to the Apostolic See shall 43 26,3| nuns which are immediately subject to the Apostolic See, even 44 26,3| exercise that cure shall be subject to the Bishop, and be by 45 26,3| cure, shall be immediately subject, in what-soever pertains 46 26,3| A Regular who, not being subject to the bishop, and residing 47 26,3| observed not only in convents subject to the bishop, but also 48 26,3| Superiors of orders not subject to bishops shall visit and 49 26,3| aforesaid orders, who are not subject to bishops, but have a lawful 50 26,3| monasteries and priories that are subject to them, even though held 51 26,3| for as much as they are subject to the heads of their own 52 26,3| the monasteries which are subject to them, as also in all 53 26,4| Sovereign Pontiff, and are subject to his visitation, his Blessedness 54 26,4| Chapter, they shall all be subject to the bishop in causes 55 26,4| provided, however, they be not subject to Regulars where regular 56 26,4| benefices with churches that are subject to the right of patronage,

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