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servitude 3
session 106
sessions 7
set 56
sets 2
setting 7
settle 5
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57 neither
56 office
56 pontiff
56 set
56 subject
56 wherefore
55 judge

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | the bishops and prelates set forth without tergiversation 2 4,1| confession of faith is to be set forth; following herein 3 5,1| this Synod. They are as set down here below: of the 4 6,2| prestimony, or stipend set aside for this purpose, 5 6,2| understood to be ipso facto set apart and devoted to that 6 7,1| wrath, as (this Synod) has set forth in the decree on original 7 7,1| it when lost,-are to be set the words of the Apostle: 8 7,2| whatsoever name and title, are set over any ./. patriarchal, 9 8,1| himself incur the penalties set down in the Constitution 10 8,1| the same, being utterly set aside. ~CHAPTER IX. ~The 11 8,1| IV., beginning Volentes, set forth in the general Council 12 8,3| thereupon is more fully set forth: wishing to provide 13 14,1| Ghost, was, that It might set forth the true and ancient 14 14,1| heavenly bread which is set before them, are, by a lively 15 14,4| this city, speak freely and set forth their sentiments before 16 14,4| the tenor which will be set down below; and for their 17 15,1| back certain sins, such set nothing before the divine 18 15,1| themselves are neither entirely set forth by the penitents, 19 15,5| rendering due obedience to those set over him, to serve in an 20 15,5| to the scandal of those set over him, to aspire to the 21 15,5| killed his neighbour on set purpose and by lying in 22 16,1| tenour and form hereafter set down. But it ordains and 23 16,2| and to those that shall set forth, or have already repaired 24 16,2| and freely to present and set forth all whatsoever they 25 16,2| violated, or in any way set aside, the persons discovered 26 16,2| and safe- conduct as above set down, in any point or clause 27 19,3| and to those that shall set forth, or have already repaired 28 19,3| and freely to present and set forth all whatsoever they 29 19,3| violated, or in any way set aside, the persons discovered 30 19,3| and safe-conduct as above set down, in any point or clause 31 22,1| infants, be in this place set forth. Wherefore It forbids 32 22,1| he says; The rest I will set in order when I come. Wherefore, 33 22,2| portions, and offices, shall be set apart and converted to the 34 22,2| erecting new parishes is set forth. ~In all parish churches, 35 22,2| there is need, be by him set in order. Wherefore, monasteries 36 23,4| privileges to the contrary being set aside; unless it should 37 24,1| hierarchy, which is as an army set in array; as if, contrary 38 24,2| of the holy Roman Church--set over any patriarchal, primatial, 39 24,2| desuetude. ~CHAPTER II. ~Those set over Churches shall receive 40 24,2| Roman Church,--have been set over cathedral, or superior, 41 24,2| regard being completely set aside. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~On 42 24,2| some churches and places, set apart for training or maintaining 43 25,2| and affinity, which are set down in Leviticus, can hinder 44 25,3| other persons being utterly set aside. ~CHAPTER III. ~The 45 25,4| promotion of those to be set over the churches; the holy 46 25,4| times, the canons elsewhere set forth on this subject, under 47 25,4| collusion and remission set aside, forfeit them, pursuant 48 25,4| decree, incur the penalties set forth against simoniacs 49 25,4| unions or suppressions be set aside or hindered by any 50 25,5| which have been already set forth, and other matters 51 26,2| their salutary examples, are set before the eyes of the faithful; 52 26,2| error to the uneducated, be set up. And if at times, when 53 26,3| But no individual shall be set over two convents; and if 54 26,4| shall see those who are set over them, not fixing their 55 26,4| observe the same, as above set down, on the very first 56 26,8| the people to obey those set over them (Heb. xiii. 17),

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