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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | was due from our pastoral office. And if there be any who 2 6,2| themselves discharge that office; and otherwise let the provision 3 6,2| one be admitted to this office of lecturing, whether in 4 6,2| discharge wholesomely this office of preaching. But if any 5 6,2| person to discharge that office, until the principal himself 6 7,2| nevertheless, it shall be the office of bishops, as delegated 7 8,3| account it a part of our office that, if anything of more 8 13 | the requirements of their office and by this example, in 9 14,1| may be incumbent by their office to celebrate, provided the 10 14,3| from vices; since it is the office of a pastor, at once vigilant 11 14,3| from, or deprived of, his office. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The qualifications 12 15,1| bestowed in ordination, the office of forgiving sins, as the 13 15,5| REFORMATION.~Proem.~It is the office of bishops to admonish their 14 15,5| Whereas it is properly the office of bishops to reprove the 15 15,5| suspension from their orders, office, benefice, and from the 16 15,5| ecclesiastical order, benefice, and office. But if it be alleged that 17 17,2| began, as the duty of our office required, to apply our care 18 22,2| for the discharge of this office; and provided that no emolument, 19 22,2| associate to themselves for this office, as many priests as shall 20 22,2| wise to exercise any such office; notwithstanding any privileges 21 23,4| discharge the obligations of the office that is about to be conferred 22 23,4| jurisdiction, administration, or office, devolving upon him in the 23 23,4| the future, shall any such office be assigned to any but those 24 23,4| and, by virtue of their office, they shall take cognizance 25 23,4| in the discharge of their office, he may forbid them, altogether 26 23,4| a time, to exercise that office, in ecclesiastical and spiritual 27 24,1| priesthood, by virtue of their office; orders so distributed as 28 24,1| retaining sins; but only an office and bare ministry of preaching 29 24,2| be bound to discharge the office enjoined them; and may not 30 24,2| consequence of some employment and office in the state attached to 31 24,2| so nearly concerning the office of pastors, and the salvation 32 24,2| during a year from their office and benefice. ~CHAPTER XI. ~ 33 24,2| exercise themselves in each office, agreeably to the appointment 34 24,2| to the Priesthood: their office. ~Those who have conducted 35 24,2| only have served in their office of deacon during at least 36 24,2| to whom is attached the office of lecturing, or of teaching, 37 24,2| personally discharge that office; and any provision made 38 25,4| yet doth it account this office to be of such a nature, 39 25,4| which, by the duty of his office, he owes to the Universal 40 25,4| and forgetful of their office. ~CHAPTER II. ~A Provincial 41 25,4| By whom, and when, the office of preaching is to be discharged: 42 25,4| Synod, desirous that the office of preaching, which peculiarly 43 25,4| they shall appoint to the office of preaching; and in the 44 25,4| Paul III., concerning the office of preaching, shall have 45 25,4| answer the purposes of their office. Wherefore, no one shall 46 25,4| for the discharge of his office, and by integrity of morals, 47 25,4| confirm the one who fills that office; who shall at least be a 48 25,4| any delinquency in their office or administration, even 49 25,4| any that are fit for the office, to give in their names, 50 25,4| from the exercise of his office, at the discretion of the 51 26,2| and others who sustain the office and charge of teaching, 52 26,3| himself deprived of his office by his own Superior, and 53 26,3| shall be suspended from her office, for as long a period as 54 26,4| those who undertake the office of a bishop should understand 55 26,4| themselves conformable to their office, by their actual deeds, 56 26,4| alacrity and kindliness the office of hospitality, so frequently

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