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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | it was to preserve this especially, that God had bestowed on 2 1 | most serene emperor was especially urgent, representing that 3 1 | himself; and this we did especially and finally in the diet 4 1 | excuse ignorance thereof, especially also as there may not perhaps 5 3,1| and to be assembled, and especially those skilled in sacred 6 4,1| matters to be treated of, especially of those comprised under 7 5,2| the sacred Scripture, and especially the said old and vulgate 8 7,1| revealed and promised,-and this especially, that God justifies the 9 8,1| Ecclesiastical Benefices, especially such as have the cure of 10 8,1| of the sacred Canons, and especially of the Constitution of Innocent 11 8,1| any clerical privilege, especially in criminal causes; whilst 12 10,1| transacted, and most convenient especially for the Fathers who are 13 11,1| for certain reasons, and especially on account of the absence 14 11,2| contrary notwithstanding, and especially those things which it was 15 14,1| even from the outset, this especially has been the object of Its 16 14,1| reverence and holiness, especially as we read in the Apostle 17 15,1| any human law, that sins, especially such as are secret, should 18 15,1| them over their subjects, especially as regards those crimes 19 15,1| Fathers, so is it the one especially which in our age is, under 20 15,2| to the sick, but to those especially who lie in such danger as 21 15,5| admonish their subjects, especially those appointed to the cure 22 15,5| their care,--that clerics, especially those appointed to the cure 23 15,5| order, any of his clerics, especially those who are in sacred 24 15,5| clerics not subject to him,--especially against such as are in sacred 25 16,2| ecclesiastical and Secular persons,- especially those of the Confession 26 16,2| any Councils whatsoever, especially those of Constance and Sienna, 27 17,1| Julius III., for this cause especially, that It might bring back 28 17,1| parts of the world, and especially in Germany; and might amend 29 17,1| perceived that all places, and especially Germany, were in a flame 30 17,2| that he knew not thereof, especially as there may not, perhaps, 31 19,1| a mouth and wisdom, hath especially in view to restore at length 32 19,1| in divers provinces, and especially in the fair city of Rome,-- 33 19,3| ecclesiastical and secular persons, especially those of the Confession 34 19,3| any Councils whatsoever, especially those of Constance and Sienna, 35 23,1| this most holy sacrifice, especially on the Lord's days and festivals. ~ 36 23,3| people, what is, and whence especially is derived, the fruit so 37 23,4| sacred constitutions, and especially of the constitution of Innocent 38 24,1| weighty, what things are especially to be attended to in the 39 24,2| Corpus Christi, on which days especially the sheep ought to be refreshed, 40 24,2| which they will give proof especially by the example of their 41 24,2| administering the sacraments, especially those things which shall 42 25,3| clandestine marriages, and especially the sins of those parties 43 25,3| under their jurisdiction,-especially such as are rich, or who 44 25,3| seeing that it is a thing especially execrable to violate the 45 25,4| blessed Roman Pontiff apply especially here that solicitude, which, 46 25,4| by a vicar to be deputed especially for that purpose, to absolve 47 25,4| perform. ~Whereas dignities, especially in cathedral churches, were 48 26,2| of sacred Councils, they especially instruct the faithful diligently 49 26,2| decrees of Councils, and especially of the second Synod of Nicaea, 50 26,4| and general councils, and especially by this same Synod. And 51 26,4| pious places instituted especially for the use of pilgrims, 52 26,4| purity and holiness are most especially beseeming; it shall not 53 26,4| ecclesiastical right, as belonging especially to God, and as being under 54 26,8| observant of all thereof, and especially of those which tend to mortify

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