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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| whatever, neglected. ~In the monasteries also of monks, let there 2 6,2| parochial churches, subject to monasteries which are not in any diocese, 3 6,2| nevertheless out of their monasteries, and the obedience of their 4 7,2| Regulars who live out of their monasteries, shall be corrected by the 5 8,1| or other churches, or to monasteries, benefices, colleges, or 6 8,1| Regulars who live out of their monasteries,-howsoever exempted, and 7 22,2| CHAPTER VIII. ~Commendatory monasteries, wherein regular observance 8 22,2| set in order. Wherefore, monasteries held in commendam, even 9 22,2| granted to any churches, monasteries, hospitals, pious places, 10 24,2| annexed to other churches, monasteries, hospitals, or to any other 11 24,2| schools, likewise of all monasteries, with the exception of the 12 25,4| conventions entered into with monasteries, or other pious places, 13 25,4| others be admitted into monasteries as Oblates, or as attached 14 25,4| servants to military orders, monasteries, hospitals, colleges, or 15 25,4| canonries, prebends, nor monasteries wherein regular observance 16 25,4| shall not be united to any monasteries whatever, or abbeys, or 17 25,4| belonging to others, or to monasteries, be granted to any, not 18 26,3| the Church of God, from monasteries piously instituted and rightly 19 26,3| administration of the property of monasteries, or of convents, shall belong 20 26,3| order. ~CHAPTER III. ~All Monasteries save those herein excepted, 21 26,3| of Income, or of Alms. No Monasteries, to be erected without the 22 26,3| may be possessed by all monasteries and houses, both of men 23 26,3| them. But, in the aforesaid monasteries amid houses, as well of 24 26,3| proper revenues of those monasteries, or out of the customary 25 26,3| ordinary authority, in all monasteries subject to them, and in 26 26,3| manner the regulation of Monasteries, which have not ordinary 27 26,3| be proceeded with. ~All monasteries which are not subject to 28 26,3| whose province the aforesaid monasteries are situated, to convoke 29 26,3| not a sufficient number of monasteries, within the limits of one 30 26,3| of such congregation, the monasteries of two or three provinces 31 26,3| same authority over the monasteries of their own congregation, 32 26,3| to visit frequently the monasteries of their own congregation, 33 26,3| notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XI. ~In Monasteries, which are charged with 34 26,3| certain exceptions. ~In monasteries, or houses whether of men, 35 26,3| to the household of those monasteries, or places; the individuals, 36 26,3| excepted; and excepting also monasteries, or places, in which abbots, 37 26,3| residence; as also the other monasteries, or houses, in which the 38 26,3| visit and correct inferior Monasteries, even though held in commendam. ~ 39 26,3| jurisdiction over other inferior monasteries, or priories, shall, each 40 26,3| visit officially the said monasteries and priories that are subject 41 26,3| relative to the visitation of monasteries held in commendam ; and 42 26,3| and those who preside over monasteries of the orders aforesaid 43 26,3| their orders. ~Also, those monasteries themselves which are the 44 26,3| as the said commendatary monasteries shall continue, there shall 45 26,3| inviolate. ~CHAPTER XXI. ~Over Monasteries, Religious of that same 46 26,3| appointed. ~Whereas very many monasteries, even abbeys, priories, 47 26,3| permit,--that over those monasteries which are at present held 48 26,3| holiness. But as regards those monasteries which are the heads and 49 26,3| appointments to the said monasteries, the quality of each individual 50 26,3| observed in all convents and monasteries, colleges, and houses of 51 26,3| all bishops that, in the monasteries which are subject to them, 52 26,4| privilege, been granted to other monasteries, hospitals, or to any other

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