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parishes 5
parishioners 5
parochial 16
part 51
partakers 4
partibus 1
participation 5
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52 monasteries
52 next
52 suitable
51 part
51 pious
51 would
50 another

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | declared war against them; a part of Belgium had been incited 2 3,1| Congregations, and take part in any other act whatsoever 3 7,2| the forfeiture of a fourth part of one year's fruits, to 4 7,2| thereupon forfeit another fourth part of the fruits to be applied 5 8,1| that grace, as far as God's part is concerned, is not given 6 8,1| into effect wholly, or in part, as also those which shall 7 8,1| provision consisting of a third part of the fruits, or of a greater 8 8,3| thereunto, account it a part of our office that, if anything 9 14,1| of bread, and under any part whatsoever of that species; 10 14,2| species, and under every part of each species, when separated; 11 14,3| annoyance doth for the most part render the bishop more backward 12 15,1| without any good motion on the part of those who receive it: 13 15,1| be no contrition on his part, or no intention on the 14 15,1| or no intention on the part of the priest of acting 15 15,3| there remains for the most part a temporal punishment to 16 15,5| whence it for the most part comes to pass, that, persons 17 16,2| which the Synod on its part mayjustlyapprove of and 18 16,2| at the time, may on their part justly approve of and commend,- 19 17,2| eyes of our mind over every part of the Christian commonweal, 20 19,3| which the Synod on its part may justly approve of and 21 19,3| at the time, may on their part justly approve of and commend,-- 22 22,2| able to receive thc tenth part of a golden crown (aureus) 23 22,2| probably disregarded, a third part of the fruits and of all 24 22,2| being, and assign the same a part of the fruits for their 25 23,1| complete, and in every part perfect faith and doctrine 26 23,2| Church, according to which a part of the canon and the words 27 23,4| distributions, out of the third part of all fruits soever, are 28 23,4| power to divide the third part of any manner of fruits 29 23,4| which amounts to the third part of the said fruits and proceeds: 30 24,2| call them to some other part of their own diocese, they 31 24,2| even might be wholly, or in part, restored to him; any privileges 32 24,2| assign salaries out of some part of the revenues of any simple 33 24,2| negligent, be mulcted in a part, or be wholly deprived thereof, 34 24,2| clergy,--shall take a certain part or portion, out of the entire 35 24,2| found to be wholly or in part endowed, then shall the 36 24,2| remitted, either wholly or in part, as the actual circumstances 37 25,3| desires do for the most part so blind the eyes of the 38 25,4| or who otherwise have a part, in the promotion of those 39 25,4| visit at least the greater part thereof, so that the whole 40 25,4| the city, or in any other part whatsoever of the diocese 41 25,4| requires, that the greater part, or that all be priests, 42 26,1| from which for the most part there is no increase of 43 26,3| nothing is innovated. No part of the property of a Novice 44 26,3| whole, or of the greater part of his substance; and he 45 26,3| of the profession on the part of virgins who are to be 46 26,4| that right is for the most part presumed to have been obtained 47 26,4| of the suit, or any other part of the judicial process. ~ 48 26,4| facto deprived of the third part of the fruits, rents, and 49 26,4| and pensions; which third part shall be applied to the 50 27 | the greatest grief on the part of all persons of piety, 51 27 | so great unanimity on the part of all who assisted thereat,

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