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virgin 10
virginity 2
virgins 3
virtue 50
virtues 2
visible 8
visit 13
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50 another
50 held
50 princes
50 virtue
49 form
49 thereunto
49 use

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | latere,--men of the greatest virtue and authority, chosen from 2 1 | strictly command- ing them, by virtue of the oath which they have 3 1 | to this holy See, and in virtue of holy obedience, and under 4 1 | council, where their piety and virtue would be greatly conducive 5 3,1| shun vice and follow after virtue, and in dress, demeanour, 6 7,1| merit of Christ, and of the virtue and efficacy of the sacraments, 7 7,1| domestics of God, advancing from virtue to virtue, they are renewed, 8 7,1| advancing from virtue to virtue, they are renewed, as the 9 7,1| continually infuses his virtue into the said justified,- 10 7,1| into the branches,-and this virtue always precedes and accompanies 11 7,2| holy Synod to renew, as by virtue of the present decree It 12 8,1| after baptism are void, in virtue of the promise already made 13 8,1| that they who ascribe any virtue to the sacred chrism of 14 8,1| constitution, and also by virtue of the present Canon. ~CHAPTER 15 8,1| ordinance of common law, or by virtue of any privilege or custom 16 14,2| a sign, or in figure, or virtue; let him be anathema. ~CANON 17 15,1| sin, exercise, through the virtue of the Holy Ghost which 18 15,1| the Sovereign Pontiffs, in virtue of the supreme power delivered 19 15,1| not unto destruction, in virtue of the authority, above ( 20 15,3| retain, they are retained; by virtue of which words every one 21 15,3| eternal punishment, has, by virtue of the keys, been removed, 22 15,5| whatsoever order, shall, by virtue of any privilege granted 23 15,5| VIII. ~No one shall, by virtue of any privilege, punish 24 15,5| order shall be allowed, by virtue of any faculty whatsoever, 25 17,2| charge and command,--by virtue of holy obedience, and by 26 22,2| any provisions, or even by virtue of any resignation, or by 27 22,2| capable of being revoked, by virtue of any provision whatever, 28 23,1| world, and its salutary virtue be applied to the remission 29 23,4| privilege of exemption; and, by virtue of their office, they shall 30 24,1| minister to the priesthood, by virtue of their office; orders 31 24,2| and holy Synod, as if by virtue of that decree it were lawful 32 24,2| in the Roman Court, or by virtue of the constitution of Eugenius. 33 25,4| vicars. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The virtue of the Sacraments shall, 34 25,4| those privileges which by virtue of the constitution of Eugenius, 35 25,4| shall not be lawful, by virtue of any manner of statute 36 25,4| whatsoever, not even by virtue of any resignation, or by 37 25,4| generally or specially, by virtue even of an indult, or privilege 38 25,4| not only not presume, by virtue of any powers whatsoever, 39 26,2| not that any divinity, or virtue, is believed to be in them, 40 26,3| means to grant it, even by virtue of any faculty, or indult, 41 26,3| Also, no Regular shall, by virtue of any manner of faculty, 42 26,3| Regulars of distinguished virtue and holiness. But as regards 43 26,3| and magistrates, and by virtue of holy obedience commands 44 26,4| shine so pre-eminent in virtue and in the discipline of 45 26,4| Whenever, therefore, by virtue of the erection or foundation 46 26,4| bishops, or their vicars, by virtue of constitutions, privileges, 47 26,4| force of patronage, or, by virtue of any other right whatsoever, 48 26,4| but has subsequently, by virtue of whatsoever privilege, 49 26,4| that may have followed, by virtue of resignations of this 50 27 | received and observed. ~And, in virtue of holy obedience, and under

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