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urgent 10
us 100
usage 14
use 49
used 13
useful 19
usefully 2
Frequency    [«  »]
50 virtue
49 form
49 thereunto
49 use
49 well
48 iv
48 justified

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 4,1| holy Roman Church makes use of,--as being that principle 2 5,1| authorities it will mainly use in confirming dogmas, and 3 5,2| CONCERNING THE EDITION, AND THE USE, OF THE SACRED BOOKS ~Moreover, 4 7,1| commandments; no one ought to make use of that rash saying, one 5 14,1| doctrine of the faith, in the use and worship of the sacred 6 14,1| CHAPTER VIII. ~On the use of this admirable Sacrament. ~ 7 14,1| Sacrament. ~Now as to the use of this holy sacrament, 8 14,2| are there) only during the use, whilst it is being taken, 9 15,1| confession, which was in use from the beginning in holy 10 15,1| Church, and is still also in use, has always been commended 11 15,1| the entire efficacy and use of satisfaction. ~CHAPTER 12 16,2| any opportunity ; nor make use of, nor stiffer any one 13 16,2| stiffer any one else to make use of, any authority, power, 14 19,3| any opportunity, nor make use of, nor suffer any one else 15 19,3| suffer any one else to make use of, any authority, power, 16 22,1| certain things touching the use thereof, he says; The rest 17 22,1| sacraments, although the use of both species has,--from 18 22,1| have not attained to the use of reason, are not by any 19 22,1| that on no account is the use of the chalice to be allowed 20 22,1| charity, it appears that the use of the chalice is to be 21 22,2| CHAPTER IX. ~The name and use of Questors of Alms is abolished.- 22 22,2| Christendom soever, their name and use be henceforth utterly abolished; 23 23,2| the Catholic Church makes use of in the celebration of 24 23,4| it be brought again into use as soon as possible, and 25 23,4| presume to convert to his own use, and to usurp,--by himself 26 23,5| that on no account is the use of the chalice to be allowed 27 23,5| charity, it appears that the use of the chalice is to be 28 23,5| for those who ask for the use of the chalice. ~ 29 24,1| are known to have been in use; to wit those of subdeacon, 30 24,2| as far as possible, made use of. But each one shall be 31 24,2| may be again brought into use in accordance with the sacred 32 25,2| ceremonies which the Church makes use of therein; let him be anathema. ~ 33 25,3| Holy Ghost;" or, he shall use other words, according to 34 25,3| provinces have herein in use any praise-worthy customs 35 25,4| accommodating more aptly to the use of the present times, the 36 25,4| receive them, the efficacy and use of those sacraments, but 37 25,4| Synod brings again into use; any statutes, or customs, 38 25,4| lawful for any one to make use of such as have been heretofore 39 25,4| provided that he wishes to make use thereof; unless it be the 40 26,2| relics; and the legitimate use of images: teaching them, 41 26,2| of relics, and the sacred use of images, every superstition 42 26,3| having the interest, or the use, the administration thereof, 43 26,3| Superiors shall allow the use of moveables, in such manner 44 26,4| instituted especially for the use of pilgrims, of the infirm, 45 26,4| converted to some other pious use, the nearest that may be 46 26,4| and apply to their own use, the tithes which have to 47 26,7| teaches, and enjoins, that the use of Indulgences, for the 48 26,8| have been ordained, and to use all diligence that they 49 27 | men, and that no one may use the excuse of ignorance;

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