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Alphabetical    [«  »]
kept 4
keys 6
killed 1
kind 45
kindliness 1
kindly 5
kindness 1
Frequency    [«  »]
46 touching
45 approved
45 committed
45 kind
45 least
45 prelates
45 privileges

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 5,2| indiscriminate sale books of this kind printed elsewhere; (this 2 5,2| approbation of books of this kind shall be given in writing; 3 5,2| the doing away with this kind of irreverence and contempt, 4 8,1| was nothing more than a kind of catechism, whereby they 5 9,1| allegations, a disease of the kind stated is so plainly and 6 14,3| pastor, at once vigilant and kind, to apply first of all gentle 7 15,1| been, through a certain kind of necessity, on account 8 15,1| holy Fathers a laborious kind of baptism. And this sacrament 9 15,1| soul, and others of this kind, will easily understand 10 15,1| penitents whatsoever from every kind of sins and censures whatever: 11 15,1| Catholic ever thought, by this kind of satisfactions on our 12 15,5| or under whatsoever other kind of pretext or colour, these 13 15,5| in such wise that, by a kind of right, a dispensation 14 15,5| of the altar, and for any kind of benefice whatever and 15 17,1| reasons of the Church; when a kind of light, in fine, seemed 16 22,2| ordinances and erections of this kind be prevented, or hindered, 17 23,1| many other things of this kind, derived from an apostolical 18 23,4| fraud and usurpation of this kind, shall be subjected to the 19 24,1| the Lord; or, that it is a kind of human figment devised 20 24,1| matters; or, that it is only a kind of rite for choosing ministers 21 24,2| poor of the place; every kind of agreement, or composition 22 24,2| and without fraud of any kind, at once confer on him a 23 25,3| impediments arising from this kind of spiritual relationship 24 25,3| degrees more remote, this kind of affinity does not dissolve 25 25,4| and proofs of whatsoever kind, and by whomsoever made, 26 25,4| or present, of whatsoever kind, or in whatsoever way offered; 27 25,4| expedient, commute this kind of public penance into one 28 25,4| other things of the like kind; the provincial Synod shall 29 25,4| suffer not anything of the kind to be done, unless the proceeds 30 25,4| other things of the like kind are abrogated. ~The holy 31 26,1| which tend to a certain kind of curiosity or superstition, 32 26,3| or canons of whatsoever kind : any privileges whatsoever 33 26,4| their lives; which is a kind of perpetual sermon; but 34 26,4| circumstance of no common kind which moves the mind of 35 26,4| or indults of whatever kind. ~CHAPTER IX. ~In what manner 36 26,4| thereupon. And benefices of this kind shall be conferred, as being 37 26,4| or benefices of any other kind whatsoever, even such as 38 26,4| benefices of whatsoever kind, even dignities which were 39 26,4| restore benefices of this kind to their former state of 40 26,4| Wherefore, all leases of this kind, if made for payments in 41 26,4| hospitals, or to any other kind of pious places; the same 42 26,4| and pensions of whatsoever kind, and be rendered thenceforth 43 26,4| of resignations of this kind, or of any other whatsoever 44 26,4| themselves with an unseemly kind of servility, both in church 45 27 | annotations, scholia, or any kind of interpretation whatsoever

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