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aposotlic 1
apostate 1
apostatizing 1
apostle 44
apostles 39
apostles-has 1
apostles-previously 1
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45 least
45 prelates
45 privileges
44 apostle
44 clerics
44 decreed
44 eucharist

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| recognising, with the blessed apostle James, that Every best gift 2 3,1| Holy Ghost enjoins by the apostle, supplications, prayers, 3 4,1| exhorts, with the same apostle, all and each above all 4 5,1| fourteen epistles of Paul the apostle, (one) to the Romans, two 5 5,1| Hebrews; two of Peter the apostle, three of John the apostle, 6 5,1| apostle, three of John the apostle, one of the apostle James, 7 5,1| the apostle, one of the apostle James, one of Jude the apostle, 8 5,1| apostle James, one of Jude the apostle, and the Apocalypse of John 9 5,1| the Apocalypse of John the apostle. But if any one receive 10 6,1| whereas he contradicts the apostle who says; By one man sin 11 6,1| anathema. For that which the apostle has said, By one man sin 12 6,1| concupiscence, which the apostle sometimes calls sin, the 13 6,3| the feast of the blessed apostle James. ~The Session was 14 7,1| become unclean, and, as the apostle says, by nature children 15 7,1| just. For this benefit the apostle exhorts us, evermore to 16 7,1| gratuitously. ~And whereas the Apostle saith, that man is justified 17 7,1| otherwise, as the same Apostle says, grace is no more grace. ~ 18 7,1| they are renewed, as the Apostle says, day by day; that is, 19 7,1| even Christ Himself, as the Apostle saith, Whereas he was the 20 7,1| For which cause the same Apostle admonishes the justified, 21 7,1| and, concerning Moses, the Apostle saith, that he looked unto 22 7,1| s grace, obedient to the Apostle, who says; We are debtors, 23 7,1| be set the words of the Apostle: Abound in every good work, 24 7,1| crown of justice which the Apostle declared was, after his 25 7,1| lose his reward; and the Apostle testifies that, That which 26 7,2| they be vigilant, as the Apostle enjoins, that they labour 27 14,1| especially as we read in the Apostle those words full of terror; 28 14,1| mind the precept of the Apostle; Let a man prove himself. 29 14,3| that injunction of the apostle is by bishops to be observed, 30 15,1| what have I, saith the apostle, to do to judge them that 31 15,2| the faithful by James the Apostle, and brother of the Lord. 32 15,2| clear a sentence of the apostle James, teach, either that 33 15,2| to the sentiment of the apostle James, and that it is therefore 34 15,2| perspicuous words of so great an apostle. Neither assuredly does 35 15,4| promulgated by the blessed apostle James; but is only a rite 36 15,4| sentiment of the blessed apostle James, and that is therefore 37 15,5| to the admonition of the apostle; Let them not give ./. 38 22,1| and places. And this the Apostle seems not obscurely to have 39 23,1| to the testimony of the Apostle Paul, there was no perfection, 40 23,1| Gentiles; and which the apostle Paul, writing to the Corinthians, 41 24,1| of holy Church. For the apostle says; I admonish thee that 42 24,1| are placed, as the same apostle says, by the Holy Ghost, 43 25,1| us by His passion; as the Apostle Paul intimates, saying: 44 25,4| Cathedral Churches. ~The apostle admonishes that those who

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