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secret 18
secretary 1
secretly 3
secular 43
secular-in 1
seculars 9
secure 1
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43 greater
43 letters
43 privilege
43 secular
43 then
42 end
42 expedient

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| religious institute, or secular priests, unless they be 2 7,2| CHAPTER III. ~The excesses of Secular clerics and of Regulars 3 7,2| of their subjects; and no Secular cleric, under pretext of 4 14,3| and delivered over to a secular court; in which case a certain 5 15,5| times of visitation, all Secular clerics,--howsoever exempted, 6 15,5| and shall be incapable of Secular Benefices. ~But forasmuch 7 15,5| shall be wholly incapable of Secular Benefices, even of cures. ~ 8 15,5| whatsoever ecclesiastical or Secular dignity, can, or ought to, 9 16,2| other ecclesiastical and Secular persons,- especially those 10 16,2| towards all ecclesiastical and Secular princes, and towards all 11 16,2| towards all ecclesiastical and Secular persons, of whatsoever state 12 19,3| all the ecclesiastical and secular persons, especially those 13 19,3| towards all ecclesiastical and secular princes, and towards all 14 19,3| other ecclesiastical and secular persons, of whatsoever state 15 22,2| ordains, that henceforth no secular cleric, though otherwise 16 23,3| lascivious or impure; as also all secular actions; vain and therefore 17 23,4| crime whatever, as also the secular employments, to be by them 18 23,4| cathedral, or collegiate, Secular or Regular, church, is not 19 23,4| to any benefice, whether Secular or Regular, monts-de-piete, 20 24,1| of the people, or of the secular power, are invalid; or, 21 24,2| withdraw themselves from Secular jurisdiction. ~CHAPTER V ~ 22 24,2| letters dimissory to any Secular clerics to be ordained by 23 24,2| think fit, the help of the Secular arm, compel the possessors 24 25,3| priest, whether Regular or Secular, shall presume to unite 25 25,3| calling in the aid of the Secular arm, if need be; the other 26 25,4| account of parochial, or other Secular churches, even though annexed, 27 25,4| God. But no one, whether Secular or Regular, shall presume 28 25,4| choir. ~CHAPTER IX. ~By whom Secular Churches, not of any diocese, 29 25,4| observed in regard of those Secular churches which are said 30 25,4| benefices whatsoever, whether Secular or Regular, even to those 31 26,3| need be, the aid of the Secular arm. The holy Synod exhorts 32 26,3| need be, the aid of the Secular arm. As to those who hinder 33 26,3| the cure of souls of other Secular persons besides those who 34 26,3| between ecclesiastics, both Secular and Regular, as well at 35 26,3| persons whatsoever, as well Secular as Regular clerics, and 36 26,4| ecclesiastical benefices, whether Secular or Regular, each according 37 26,4| by the authority of any Secular person whatever, even though 38 26,4| ecclesiastical benefices, whether Secular or Regular, to accustom 39 26,4| regard to benefices, as well Secular as Regular, or parochial, 40 26,4| Synod ordains, that those Secular ecclesiastical benefices, 41 26,4| Church are recommended to Secular Princes. ~The holy Synod 42 26,4| persons, has thought fit, that Secular princes also be admonished 43 27 | need be, the help of the secular arm. And, by the bowels

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