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pristine 2
private 8
privelege 1
privilege 43
privileges 45
prize 1
pro 1
Frequency    [«  »]
43 ever
43 greater
43 letters
43 privilege
43 secular
43 then
42 end

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | unto whom, by right or privilege, the power has been granted 2 6,2| by a general, or special, privilege: in which case the bishop 3 6,2| under the pretext of any privilege whatsoever; until the holy 4 7,1| venial,-except by a special privilege from God, as the Church 5 7,2| be nowise neglected; no privilege or exemption whatever being 6 7,2| under pretext of a personal privilege, or any Regular, living 7 7,2| shall, under pretext of a privilege of his order, be accounted, 8 7,2| bishop, under the plea of any privilege soever, to exercise pontifical 9 8,1| law, or by virtue of any privilege or custom whatsoever,-a 10 8,1| shall not enjoy any clerical privilege, especially in criminal 11 8,1| even under the plea of any privilege soever, or custom, which 12 11,2| of right, or custom, or privilege, ought to be present at 13 14,3| and crosier by apostolic privilege, if so be that they can 14 15,5| shall, by virtue of any privilege granted them to promote 15 15,5| under the pretext of any privilege soever, considered screened, 16 15,5| shall, by virtue of any privilege, punish the clerics of another. ~ 17 15,5| dignity, who may have by privilege the power of punishing the 18 15,5| patron, under pretext of any privilege whatsoever, to present any 19 15,5| said benefice would, that privilege ceasing, of right belong; 20 16,2| power, right, or statute, privilege of laws or canons, or of 21 17,2| who, by common law, or by privilege, or ancient custom, are 22 19,3| power, right, or statute, privilege of laws or canons, or of 23 23,4| whatsoever may be their privilege, exemption, prerogative, 24 23,4| immemorial, or usage, or privilege, to the contrary notwithstanding; 25 23,4| places be protected by a privilege of exemption; and, by virtue 26 23,4| even though immemorial, or privilege, or statute whatsoever, 27 23,4| But if from custom, or privilege, or some regulation of the 28 24,2| suspended by any manner of privilege soever, license, claim as 29 24,2| benfice; who is to enjoy the privilege of the (ecclesiastical) 30 24,2| he shall not enjoy the privilege of the (ecclesiastical) 31 24,2| clerical dress and tonsure: no privilege, or custom, even immemorial, 32 24,2| general or special rescript or privilege whatsoever, even at the 33 24,2| Synod being observed; any privilege, prescriptions, or customs, 34 25,3| called a corruption, or any privilege to the contrary, notwithstanding. 35 25,3| allowed to do this by a privilege, or an immemorial custom,- 36 25,4| virtue even of an indult, or privilege granted in favour of cardinals 37 26,3| that effect by apostolic privilege,-with the exception, however, 38 26,3| Superior; nor shall any privilege or faculty, obtained from 39 26,3| holy Synod forbids it; any privilege or indult whatsoever notwithstanding. ~ 40 26,3| even upon oath, of this privilege, it shall be invalid and 41 26,3| have the benefit of any privilege of his order. Also, no 42 26,4| by virtue of whatsoever privilege, been granted to other monasteries, 43 26,4| perpetual malediction ; any privilege soever, or evil custom,

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