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grave 7
gravity 2
great 67
greater 43
greatest 10
greatly 4
greatness 1
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43 come
43 dignity
43 ever
43 greater
43 letters
43 privilege
43 secular

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | to direct everything with greater precision. We, in the mean 2 1 | seemed only adapted to excite greater discord, we were led to 3 4,2| seem to be in so much the greater estimation and honour with 4 7,2| those who preside over the greater churches; for the integrity 5 7,2| prelates, according as the greater or less contumacy of each 6 7,2| CHAPTER IV. ~Bishops and other greater prelates shall visit any 7 7,2| cathedral, and of other greater, churches, and the members 8 7,2| their own bishops, and other greater prelates, by themselves 9 8,1| part of the fruits, or of a greater or less proportion, at the 10 8,1| have been promoted to the greater churches shall receive the 11 8,1| those constituted in the greater orders shall be, ipso jure, 12 14,3| they shall be able, with greater ease and convenience, to 13 14,5| Synod, that if, for their greater liberty and security, they 14 15,1| a man a hypocrite, and a greater sinner, but that it is even 15 15,3| a man a hypocrite and a greater sinner; in fine, that this ( 16 15,5| able to execute this with greater freedom, and may not be 17 16,2| declares, with a view to their greater security, and the blessing 18 19,3| declares, with a view to their greater security, and the blessing 19 21,1| befitting manner, and with greater deliberation; to wit, that 20 23,3| the Lord's days and the greater festivals. All, therefore, 21 23,4| under the same penalties, or greater, to be imposed at the discretion 22 24,1| worthy manner, and with greater veneration, it was suitable 23 24,1| through the lesser to the greater orders. For the sacred Scriptures 24 24,1| subdeavonship is classed amongst the greater orders by the Fathers and 25 24,1| Church other orders, both greater and minor, by which, as 26 24,2| raised to any one of the greater orders, they shall, a month 27 24,2| as it were to receive the greater orders. As regards married 28 24,2| service in the church, their greater reverence towards priests 29 24,2| point out as worthy of the greater orders. And such shall not 30 24,2| metropolitan, and other churches greater than these, shall be bound, 31 24,2| cathedrals, and of the other greater churches, should be negligent 32 25,4| shall visit at least the greater part thereof, so that the 33 25,4| causes against Bishops, the greater causes shall be taken cognizance 34 25,4| reception of the sacraments with greater reverence and devotion of 35 25,4| custom requires, that the greater part, or that all be priests, 36 25,4| on bishops, that for the greater security of the salvation 37 25,4| the end that this may with greater care and effect be accomplished, 38 26,3| those bishops who exercise a greater jurisdiction over the places, 39 26,3| of the whole, or of the greater part of his substance; and 40 26,4| authority, and jurisdiction greater than that which is included 41 26,4| just reason, and at times a greater good, shall require that 42 27 | well nigh assured hope that greater fruits will day by day be 43 27 | whatsoever, even under pretext of greater corroboration of the decrees,

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