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register 2
regress 2
reguiars 1
regular 42
regulars 41
regulate 5
regulated 5
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42 end
42 expedient
42 ordinaries
42 regular
41 blessed
41 councils
41 doctrine

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| diocese, if the abbots and Regular prelates be negligent in 2 7,2| personal privilege, or any Regular, living out of his monastery, 3 15,5| these unions. ~CHAPTER X. ~Regular Benefices shall be conferred 4 15,5| even though he be a canon Regular, shall be wholly incapable 5 22,2| Commendatory monasteries, wherein regular observance is not in vigour, 6 22,2| called provostries, wherein regular observance is not in vigour, 7 22,2| the cure of souls, as well Regular as Secular-in whatever way 8 22,2| to the contrary. And, if Regular observance be therein maintained, 9 23,4| others. And, if he be a Regular, he shall have a similar 10 23,4| or collegiate, Secular or Regular, church, is not constituted 11 23,4| benefice, whether Secular or Regular, monts-de-piete, or to any 12 24,2| on any one who is not a Regular subject to them; nor shall 13 24,2| one, even though he be a Regular, is able to hear the confessions 14 24,2| whatsoever order, even though Regular, or of whatsoever quality, 15 25,3| any other priest, whether Regular or Secular, shall presume 16 25,4| one, whether Secular or Regular, shall presume to preach, 17 25,4| nor monasteries wherein regular observance is in force, 18 25,4| whatsoever, whether Secular or Regular, even to those held in commendam, 19 26,3| end that the ancient and regular discipline may be the more 20 26,3| belong to the substance of a regular life cannot be by them relaxed. 21 26,3| and the foundation of all regular discipline be not strictly 22 26,3| prohibited to Regulars. ~For no Regular, therefore, whether man, 23 26,3| any real property to any Regular, not even by way of having 24 26,3| obtained. ~CHAPTER IV. ~A Regular shall not, without the permission 25 26,3| Synod forbids, that any Regular, under the pretext of preaching, 26 26,3| VI. ~Manner of choosing Regular Superiors.~In order that 27 26,3| which have not ordinary Regular visitors, is to be proceeded 28 26,3| have not their own ordinary Regular visitors, but have been 29 26,3| ecclesiastics, both Secular and Regular, as well at public processions, 30 26,3| whatsoever, as well Secular as Regular clerics, and even monks, 31 26,3| is to be inflicted on a Regular who sins publicly. ~A Regular 32 26,3| Regular who sins publicly. ~A Regular who, not being subject to 33 26,3| of age, wish to take the Regular Habit, she shall be questioned 34 26,3| invalidity of profession.~No Regular soever, who shall pretend 35 26,3| of his order. Also, no Regular shall, by virtue of any 36 26,3| permission be granted to any Regular to wear in secret the habit 37 26,3| provision be made for a Regular successor thereunto,--either 38 26,3| mendicants, or of other Regular monks, or canons of whatsoever 39 26,4| benefices, whether Secular or Regular, each according to the nature 40 26,4| benefices, whether Secular or Regular, to accustom themselves, 41 26,4| subject to Regulars where regular observance is in force,-- 42 26,4| benefices, as well Secular as Regular, or parochial, or in regard

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