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regress 2
reguiars 1
regular 42
regulars 41
regulate 5
regulated 5
regulating 2
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41 lawfully
41 nothing
41 peace
41 regulars
41 seem
41 species
41 whereby

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 5,2| Lateran: and, if they be Regulars, besides this examination 2 6,2| in the convents of other Regulars, in which studies can conveniently 3 6,2| cognizance of, and decided. ~Regulars, of whatsoever order they 4 6,2| whether of those, who, being Regulars in name, live nevertheless 5 7,2| of Secular clerics and of Regulars who live out of their monasteries, 6 8,1| clerics, whether Seculars, or Regulars who live out of their monasteries,- 7 15,5| scholars, places belonging to Regulars, as also hospitals wherein 8 15,5| Benefices shall be conferred on Regulars. ~Benefices of Regulars 9 15,5| Regulars. ~Benefices of Regulars that have been accustomed 10 15,5| granted in title to professed Regulars, when they happen to become 11 15,5| Benefices. ~But forasmuch as Regulars, after being transferred 12 22,2| the superiors of the said Regulars observe, and cause to be 13 23,3| either by any Seculars or Regulars whatsoever, in private houses; 14 24,2| or minor orders, save to Regulars their own subjects; neither 15 24,2| commendable life is an old age. Regulars likewise shall not be ordained 16 24,2| the same day, even upon Regulars; any privileges and indults 17 24,2| even those belonging to Regulars, even those which are under 18 25,2| constituted in sacred orders, or Regulars, who have solemnly professed 19 25,4| however those belonging to Regulars,-shall make it his care, 20 25,4| however such as belong to Regulars, or, if a provision cannot 21 25,4| such other clerics, whether Regulars,-even of the order of mendicants,- 22 26,3| ON REGULARS AND NUNS~The same sacred 23 26,3| It doth enjoin, that all Regulars, as well men, as women, 24 26,3| is wholly prohibited to Regulars. ~For no Regular, therefore, 25 26,3| Nor shall it be lawful for Regulars to withdraw from their own 26 26,3| shall there depute certain Regulars to deliberate and ordain 27 26,3| congregation, and over the Regulars dwelling therein, as other 28 26,3| General Chapters, or by other Regulars. ~Those convents of nuns 29 26,3| general Chapters, or by other Regulars, shall be left under their 30 26,3| the individuals, whether Regulars or Seculars, who exercise 31 26,3| abbots, or other Superiors or Regulars, exercise episcopal and 32 26,3| shall be observed even by Regulars. ~Censures and interdicts,- 33 26,3| published and observed by Regulars in their churches. The festival 34 26,3| exempted persons, even though Regulars. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~The Bishop 35 26,3| clerics or laymen, Seculars or Regulars, or with whatsoever dignity 36 26,3| conventual, there be appointed Regulars, expressly professed of 37 26,3| shall be conferred solely on Regulars of distinguished virtue 38 26,3| touching the Reformation of Regulars shall be carried into execution 39 26,3| notwithstanding. But, if there be any Regulars, whether men or women, who 40 26,3| the bishops ; and that of Regulars, their provincial and general 41 26,4| they be not subject to Regulars where regular observance

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