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jurisdiction 25
jurisdictions 3
just 38
justice 41
justification 39
justification-whether 1
justifications 1
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41 councils
41 doctrine
41 institution
41 justice
41 lawfully
41 nothing
41 peace

Council of Trent

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1 6,1| immediately lost the holiness and justice wherein he had been constituted; 2 6,1| and that the holiness and justice, received of God, which 3 6,1| own blood, made unto us justice, santification, and redemption; 4 7,1| which (doctrine) the sun of justice, Christ Jesus, the author 5 7,1| who followed not after justice, might attain to justice, 6 7,1| justice, might attain to justice, and that all men might 7 7,1| God, to move himself unto justice in His sight. Whence, when 8 7,1| are disposed unto the said justice, when, excited and assisted 9 7,1| from the fear of divine justice whereby they are profitably 10 7,1| Him as the fountain of all justice; and are therefore moved 11 7,1| alone formal cause is the justice of God, not that whereby 12 7,1| and are, just, receiving justice within us, each one according 13 7,1| receiving true and Christian justice, they are bidden, immediately 14 7,1| presenting them as instruments of justice unto sanctification, they, 15 7,1| works, increase in that justice which they have received 16 7,1| obligated to walk in the way of justice, in that, being already 17 7,1| For this is that crown of justice which the Apostle declared 18 7,1| Thus, neither is our own justice established as our own as 19 7,1| from ourselves; nor is the justice of God ignored or repudiated: 20 7,1| or repudiated: for that justice which is called ours, because 21 7,1| in us, that same is (the justice) of God, because that it 22 7,1| men are just without the justice of Christ, whereby He merited 23 7,1| justified; or that it is by that justice itself that they are formally 24 7,1| the sole imputation of the justice of Christ, or by the sole 25 7,1| special help of God, in the justice received; or that, with 26 7,1| any one saith, that the justice received is not preserved 27 7,1| able indeed to recover the justice which he has lost, but by 28 8,1| through which all true justice either begins, or being 29 8,1| outward signs of grace or justice received through faith, 30 14,1| apostolical tradition, ought with justice and reason to be retained. 31 14,3| without them, in the way that justice may require. ~CHAPTER IV. ~ 32 15,1| constantly preserved the justice received in baptism by His 33 15,1| order to attain to grace and justice, for all men who had defiled 34 15,1| on our parts, the divine justice demanding this; so that 35 15,1| prepares a way for himself unto justice. And although this (attrition) 36 15,1| truly the nature of divine justice seems to demand, that they, 37 25,3| removes the impediment of justice arising from public honesty, 38 25,4| manners, as that they may with justice be called the senate of 39 26,4| or his ordinary court of justice. The two deputies shall, 40 26,4| noise and the formalities of justice, and by the sole investigation 41 27 | both in their courts of justice and elsewhere, and to cause

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