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nephews 1
never 17
nevertheless 36
new 40
newly 3
newness 1
news 1
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40 alone
40 assembled
40 doth
40 new
40 promoted
40 sovereign
39 age

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| prejudiced, none acquire a new right. ~INDICTION OF THE 2 5,1| both of the Old and of the New Testament--seeing that one 3 5,1| first and the second. Of the New Testament: the four Gospels, 4 6,1| also stirred up not only new, but even old, dissensions 5 6,1| man, and putting on the new who is created according 6 7,1| justified; seeing that, in that new birth, there is bestowed 7 7,1| receive baptism, to begin a new life, and to keep the commandments 8 8,1| that the sacraments of the New Law were not all instituted 9 8,1| these said sacraments of the New Law do not differ from the 10 8,1| that the sacraments of the New Law are not necessary unto 11 8,1| that the sacraments of the New Law do not contain the grace 12 8,1| the said sacraments of the New Law grace is not conferred 13 8,1| the churches, into other new ones; let him be anathema. ~ 14 13 | seven sacraments of the New Law in general, and on baptism 15 15,1| made therein entirely a new creature, obtaining a full 16 15,1| purpose and the beginning of a new life, but also a hatred 17 15,1| and make to yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. 18 15,1| yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. And assuredly he 19 15,1| for the preservation of a new life and a medicine of infirmity, 20 15,1| in such wise maintain a new o be the est penance, as 21 15,2| properly a sacrament of the new law, insinuated indeed in 22 15,3| best penance is merely a new life; let him be anathema. ~ 23 22,2| The manner of erecting new parishes is set forth. ~ 24 22,2| of the rectors, establish new parishes, pursuant to the 25 23,1| constituted priests of the New Testament; and by those 26 23,1| Egypt, He instituted the new Passover, (to wit) Himself 27 23,3| given for the celebration of new masses; as also those importunate 28 24,1| of the Priesthood of the New Law. ~Sacrifice and priesthood 29 24,1| Whereas, therefore, in the New Testament, the Catholic 30 24,1| there is, in that Church, a new, visible, and external priesthood, 31 24,1| that the priests of the New Testament have only a temporary 32 24,1| indiscrimately are priests of the New Testament, or that they 33 24,1| that there is not in the New Testament a visible and 34 25,1| amongst the sacraments of the new law; against which, impious 35 25,4| preventions, appropriations, new provisions, indults granted 36 25,4| changed; or that anything new, besides that which has 37 26,2| the bishop: also, that no new miracles are to be acknowledged, 38 26,2| are to be acknowledged, or new relics recognised, unless 39 26,2| Council; yet so, that nothing new, or that previously has 40 26,3| removed from those places to new or old convents within cities

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