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me 7
mean 4
meaning 5
means 39
meantime 3
meanwhile 16
measure 6
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39 body
39 cure
39 justification
39 means
39 memory
39 reformation
38 benefice

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| themselves, by what ways and means the intention of the Synod 2 6,2| other way, be not by any means therefore omitted. ~As to 3 7,1| and bent down, was by no means extinguished in them. ~CHAPTER 4 8,1| said Ordinaries are by all means to provide, even by deputing 5 8,1| able to screen himself, by means of an appeal, from being 6 9,1| prelates, who wish by all means to depart hence through 7 14,1| necessary custom is to be by all means retained. ~CHAPTER VII. ~ 8 14,3| and the judge shall by no means proceed, without having 9 14,3| annoy him by whatsoever means lie in their power,-the 10 15,1| which nevertheless by no means regard the essence of that 11 15,3| contrition which is acquired by means of the examination, collection, 12 15,5| judges to be deputed by means of letters conservatory, 13 15,5| of another, shall by any means proceed against clerics 14 15,5| of patronage, except by means of a foundation, or an endowment. ~ 15 17,2| care and thoughts to the means of extirpating the said 16 17,2| strongest hope that, by the said means of a Council, an end may 17 22,1| that neither can it by any means be doubted, without injury 18 22,2| ecclesiastical benefice, or even means sufficient; the holy Synod 19 22,2| prevented, or hindered, by means of any provisions, or even 20 22,2| compel, by all suitable means, the patrons and others 21 23,1| unto God the Father, by means of his death, there to operate 22 23,1| propritiatory and that by means thereof this is effected, 23 23,1| eliminate from holy Church, by means of the canons subjoined, 24 23,4| their portion, ought by all means so to regulate their whole 25 23,4| force, or fear, or even by means of any supposititious persons, 26 24,2| interrupted, ought not by any means to exceed two, or at most 27 24,2| bishop, this shall by no means be allowed him, even under 28 24,2| bound, each according to its means and the extent of the diocese, 29 24,2| censures, and other legal means, even by calling in for 30 24,2| it should happen that, by means of the said unions being 31 25,3| desires that they be by all means retained. ~And that these 32 25,4| priests, it shall be by all means retained. Moreover, the 33 25,4| so small, that they by no means correspond with the episcopal 34 26,2| carefully teach this,-that, by means of the histories of the 35 26,2| which God has performed by means of the saints, and their 36 26,3| other person be able by any means to grant it, even by virtue 37 26,3| Synod would fain by every means restore them to a discipline 38 26,4| and to terminate suits, by means of pecuniary fines, which, 39 27 | and the refractory, by means of judicial sentences, and

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