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cum 4
cunctis 2
curates 1
cure 39
cures 8
curiosity 1
custody 1
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39 age
39 apostles
39 body
39 cure
39 justification
39 means
39 memory

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| churches, which have the cure of souls, shall, at least 2 7,2| even then shall, for the cure of souls, substitute a vicar 3 7,2| portion of the fruits, the cure of souls be nowise neglected; 4 8,1| especially such as have the cure of souls, shall be conferred 5 8,1| exercise personally the said cure; in accordance with the 6 8,1| of several Benefices with cure of souls shall exhibit their 7 8,1| of the fruits, that the cure of souls be not in any way 8 8,1| Benefices shall be visited: the cure thereof shall be exercised 9 8,1| sedulously to provide that the cure of souls be laudably exercised 10 8,1| Churches shall be repaired: the cure of souls sedulously discharged. ~ 11 8,1| any way defrauded of the Cure of souls, if such be annexed 12 15,5| especially those appointed to the cure of souls, of their duty. ~ 13 15,5| especially those appointed to the cure of souls, be blameless; 14 15,5| even though they have no cure of souls; but he shall be 15 22,2| are to be employed for the cure of souls.--The manner of 16 22,2| benefices with or without cure, with (other) cures, on 17 22,2| benefices--with, or without the cure of souls, as well Regular 18 22,2| accordingly; and that the cure of souls, if those places, 19 23,1| pastors, and all who have the cure of souls, that they frequently, 20 23,4| same diocese, there is a cure of souls to be attended 21 23,4| in the church with that cure, he shall be considered 22 24,2| provision is made for the cure of souls. ~Whereas it is 23 24,2| enjoined on all, to whom the cure of souls is committed, to 24 24,2| ecclesiastical benefice having cure of souls; in such wise, 25 24,2| festivals; but, if they have the cure of souls, so often as to 26 25,4| whatsoever, to which the cure of souls is attached, who 27 25,4| personates, to which no cure of souls is attached, clerics 28 25,4| benefices whatsoever having cure of souls, shall, within 29 25,4| accustomed to assign the cure of souls to one or more ( 30 26,3| which are charged with the cure of the souls of laymen, 31 26,3| they who exercise that cure shall be subject to the 32 26,3| which are charged with the cure of souls of other Secular 33 26,3| Seculars, who exercise that cure, shall be immediately subject, 34 26,3| soever pertains to the said cure and the administration of 35 26,4| CHAPTER XVI. ~Benefices with cure shall not be converted into 36 26,4| Vicar who exercises the cure of souls. ~The holy Synod 37 26,4| other way whatever, have the cure of souls, shall not henceforth 38 26,4| foundation thereof, the cure of souls has been transferred 39 26,4| shall receive again the cure of souls; the name of vicarage

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