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afterwards 20
again 32
against 70
age 39
aged 1
agency 1
agents 3
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40 new
40 promoted
40 sovereign
39 age
39 apostles
39 body
39 cure

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | unsuited to our advanced age. Meanwhile, as the time 2 8,1| be baptized save at that age at which Christ was baptized, 3 8,1| lawful wedlock, is of mature age, and endowed with gravity 4 11,2| unable, on account of our age, state of health, and the 5 14,1| so ancient, that even the age of the Council of Nicaea 6 14,3| who are of weight by their age and recommended by their 7 15,1| especially which in our age is, under the loftiest pretext 8 15,2| place, not the elders by age, or the foremost in dignity 9 22,1| Christ, they cannot, at that age, lose the grace which they 10 22,2| regards morals, knowledge, and age, shall be promoted to sacred 11 22,2| have fallen into ruin by age, or otherwise, and which 12 23,4| fully qualified by birth, age, morals, and life, and, 13 23,4| fully to have already the age and the other qualifications; 14 24,2| of credit, of the birth, age, morals, and life of those 15 24,2| been made. ~CHAPTER VI ~The age of fourteen years is required 16 24,2| examine the parentage, person, age, education, morals, learning, 17 24,2| so with their increasing age they may grow in worthiness 18 24,2| otherwise. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Age required for the major orders; 19 24,2| the twenty-second year of age; to that of deaconship before 20 24,2| who have attained to that age must needs be admitted to 21 24,2| commendable life is an old age. Regulars likewise shall 22 24,2| ordained under the above age, nor without a diligent 23 24,2| same therein. ~Wereas the age of youth, unless it be rightly 24 24,2| according to their number, age, and progress in ecclesiastical 25 25,1| which, impious men of this age raging, have not only had 26 25,4| Synod, touching the life, age, learning, and the other 27 25,4| law, and forty years of age, or otherwise one who shall 28 25,4| twenty-fifth year of his age, and, having been exercised 29 25,4| than twenty-two years of age. Those also who are promoted 30 25,4| requires, or is of such an age as to be capable of being 31 25,4| afterwards made as to the age, morals, and sufficiency 32 25,4| the said examiners, fit by age, morals, learning, prudence, 33 26,3| birth, or condition, sex, or age, to enter within the enclosure 34 26,3| less than forty years of age, and who has not passed 35 26,3| s probation, and at the age of sixteen years completed. ~ 36 26,3| women, be made before the age of sixteen years is completed; 37 26,3| more than twelve years of age, wish to take the Regular 38 26,3| more than twelve years of age, desire to take the religious 39 26,3| profession before the proper age; or the like; and would

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