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jure 14
jurisdiction 25
jurisdictions 3
just 38
justice 41
justification 39
justification-whether 1
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39 reformation
38 benefice
38 furthermore
38 just
38 three
38 wit
37 consent

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | happen to be hindered by some just impediment, of which, however, 2 5,2| established. ~And wishing, as is just, to impose a restraint, 3 6,2| calumniously; or have any just cause of complaint against 4 7,1| grace whereby they are made just. For this benefit the apostle 5 7,1| whereby man of unjust becomes just, and of an enemy a friend, 6 7,1| that whereby He Himself is just, but that whereby He maketh 7 7,1| that whereby He maketh us just, that, to wit, with which 8 7,1| are truly called, and are, just, receiving justice within 9 7,1| although no one can be just, but he to whom the merits 10 7,1| it is written; He that is just, let him be justified still; 11 7,1| life, men, how holy and just soever, at times fall into 12 7,1| therefore do they cease to be just. For that cry of the just, 13 7,1| just. For that cry of the just, Forgive us our trespasses, 14 7,1| And for this cause, the just themselves ought to feel 15 7,1| religion, who assert that the just man sins, venially at least, 16 7,1| those who state, that the just sin in all their works, 17 7,1| be rendered to him by the just judge, and not only to him, 18 7,1| one saith, that men are just without the justice of Christ, 19 7,1| itself that they are formally just; let him be anathema. ~CANON 20 7,1| in every good work, the just sins venially at least, 21 7,1| any one saith, that the just ought not, for their good 22 7,2| all lawful impediment, or just and reasonable causes ceasing, 23 7,2| absent himself, save for a just cause to be approved of 24 8,1| avail any one without a just cause. ~Faculties, for being 25 11,2| approve of, favour and aid our just and pious wishes herein: 26 14,1| public places. For it is most just that there be certain appointed 27 14,3| inflicted on them by the just severity of their bishops 28 20,1| therein,--has, for cerain just and good reasons, thought 29 22,1| induced by weighty and just reasons,- has approved of 30 22,1| Church was not induced, by just causes and reasons, to communicate, 31 23,4| they shall be bound, all just impediment ceasing, to receive 32 23,4| to be made except for a just and necessary cause,--the 33 24,2| had that it be done from a just cause, and without any detriment 34 25,3| God has, for reasons most just, at all times detested and 35 25,4| it be thought proper, for just, weighty, and well nigh 36 26,3| shall, in any way, without a just cause, hinder the holy wish 37 26,4| revoked. ~Even as it is not just to take away the legitimate 38 26,4| distinction. But if any urgent and just reason, and at times a greater

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