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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| commandments of the Lord; and, furthermore, to pray daily in private 2 3,1| see an increase of faith. Furthermore, it exhorts that they fast 3 3,1| the mind being troubled. ~Furthermore, this sacred Synod has ordained 4 5,2| under any pretext whatever. ~Furthermore, in order to restrain petulant 5 6,2| lecturers in convents of monks. Furthermore, those who are teaching 6 6,2| complaint against them. ~Furthermore, let bishops be on their 7 7,1| it proceeds. ~The Synod furthermore declares, that in adults, 8 7,2| fallen into desuetude; and furthermore, in order to the more fixed 9 14,1| from mortal sins. He would, furthermore, have it be a pledge of 10 14,1| together; and the divinity, furthermore, on account of the admirable 11 14,4| the ensuing year. And It furthermore ordains, that the sacrifice 12 14,5| shall think fit. It hath furthermore seemed good to the holy 13 15,1| committed, flee thereunto. Furthermore, one is the fruit of baptism, 14 15,1| Sacrament. ~The holy synod doth furthermore teach, that the form of 15 15,1| knows not of. We gather furthermore, that those circumstances 16 15,1| Satisfaction. ~The Synod teaches furthermore, that so great is the liberality 17 15,2| invisibly anointed; and furthermore that whose words, "By this 18 15,5| the clerics of another. ~Furthermore, forasmuch as there are 19 15,5| Institution shall be null. ~Furthermore, it shall not be lawful 20 16,2| whatsoever name designated. ~Furthermore, It promises in sincere 21 17,2| Synod by lawful proctors. We furthermore admonish all and each, whom 22 19,3| whatsoever name designated. ~Furthermore, It promises in sincere 23 22,1| Sacrament of the Eucharist. ~It furthermore declares, that this power 24 23,3| allowed to celebrate mass. Furthermore, they shall not allow any 25 23,4| person and until he shall, furthermore, have obtained absolution 26 24,1| inferior order have no power. Furthermore, the sacred and holy Synod 27 24,2| of his sacred (orders). Furthermore, no cleric, who is a stranger, 28 24,2| the clergy of the city. ~Furthermore, in order that the teaching 29 25,3| discretion of the Ordinary. Furthermore, the same holy Synod exhorts 30 25,3| rank. The abducer shall furthermore be bound, whether he marry 31 25,4| theology, or canon law. Furthermore, it shall not be lawful, 32 25,4| sufficiently expressed here. ~Furthermore, all those cathedral churches, 33 25,4| signed with his own hand. ~Furthermore, matrimonial and criminal 34 25,4| which they have sustained. ~Furthermore, should any individual appeal 35 26,4| shall have full effect. ~Furthermore, it shall be lawful for 36 26,4| surreptitious. ~The holy Synod furthermore admonishes both the Ordinaries 37 26,8| FESTIVAL DAYS.~The holy Synod furthermore exhorts, and, by the most 38 27 | utterly to interdict such. Furthermore, in order to avoid the perversion

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