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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| the fruits of some simple benefice,--the obligations thereto 2 6,2| the fruits of some simple benefice be assigned to that master 3 6,2| provided however, that the said benefice be not deprived of the duty 4 7,2| for any one who holds a benefice requiring personal residence 5 8,1| straitened because of a Benefice obtained, or about to be 6 8,1| occasion of some ecclesistical benefice received, or about to be 7 15,5| from their orders, office, benefice, and from the fruits, revenues, 8 15,5| every ecclesiastical order, benefice, and office. But if it be 9 15,5| altar, and for any kind of benefice whatever and dignity,-the 10 15,5| united in perpetuity to a benefice, monastery, college, or 11 15,5| and built anew, a church, benefice, or chapel; or that he has 12 15,5| institution to, the said benefice would, that privilege ceasing, 13 22,2| to have an ecclesiastical benefice, or even means sufficient; 14 22,2| possession of an ecclesiastical benefice sufficient for his honest 15 22,2| not be able to resign that benefice, without mentioning that 16 22,2| sufficient ecclesiastical benefice, or they shall have from 17 23,4| to any church, or to any benefice, whether Secular or Regular, 18 24,2| hold any ecclesiastical benefice having cure of souls; in 19 24,2| ground of any manner of benefice,--by any compact, or statute,-- 20 24,2| shall be able to hold a benefice before his fourteenth year. 21 24,2| he have an ecclesiastical benefice; or, wearing the ecclesiastical 22 24,2| really confer upon him a benefice. ~A bishop may not ordain 23 24,2| at once confer on him a benefice; any custom, even though 24 24,2| year from their office and benefice. ~CHAPTER XI. ~The interstices, 25 24,2| either holds a parochial benefice, or is, by the bishops, 26 25,4| of any cathedral church, benefice, canonries, or prebends, 27 25,4| to confer more than one benefice upon one individual; and 28 25,4| future, one ecclesiastical benefice only shall be conferred 29 25,4| same person. If indeed that benefice be not sufficient to afford 30 25,4| on him some other simple benefice that may be sufficient; 31 26,4| regard of any ecclesiastical benefice of whatsoever quality, shall, 32 26,4| necessity of the church, or benefice, or dignity; and they shall 33 26,4| or had, an ecclesiastical benefice, any benefice whatsoever, 34 26,4| ecclesiastical benefice, any benefice whatsoever, even though 35 26,4| compelled to resign his benefice, or to exchange it for another 36 26,4| that one may obtain the benefice of the other, shall be wholly 37 26,4| converted into a simple benefice, even though a suitable 38 26,4| said term, as soon as the benefice shall be vacant, either

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