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38 three
38 wit
37 consent
37 hold
37 indeed
37 mass
37 penalties

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | suitable place wherein to hold the council: and whereas 2 1 | yet were we wishful to hold that council with the good 3 5,2| Scriptures,--hath held and doth hold; ./. or even contrary to 4 6,2| of the fruits, those who hold such prebend, prestimony, 5 6,2| who in any manner soever hold any parochial, or other, 6 7,1| only what they ought to hold and follow, but also what 7 7,2| inferior to bishops, who hold by title, or in commendam, 8 8,1| canons, to accept and to hold at the same time several 9 8,1| But as to those who now hold several churches contrary 10 8,1| strictly compel all those who hold several cures, or otherwise 11 8,3| Trent; and also to continue, hold, and celebrate the same 12 8,3| declaring that We will hold as ratified and pleasing 13 16,2| themselves they may and shall hold the said Synod to have incurred 14 19,1| same God and Lord, all who hold not communion with us, unto 15 19,3| themselves; they may and shall hold the said Synod to have incurred 16 19,4| each of those others, who hold not communion with us in 17 23,4| and duties of those who hold Benefices therein. ~Whosoever 18 24,1| able to recognise and to hold Catholic truth. ~ON THE 19 24,2| all others whomsoever who hold any ecclesiastical benefice 20 24,2| orders, shall be able to hold a benefice before his fourteenth 21 24,2| a bishop has arranged to hold an ordination, all who may 22 24,2| service, or to those who hold them. And this shall have 23 25,4| understood to apply to those who hold ecclesiastical benefices, 24 25,4| excellently ordained, and to hold several benefices at the 25 25,4| But they who at present hold several parochial churches, 26 25,4| the benefices which they hold, shall be accounted ipso 27 26,3| be lawful to possess, or hold as his own, or even in the 28 26,3| abbeys or priories, those who hold them at present in commendam 29 26,4| to be observed by all who hold ecclesiastical benefices, 30 26,4| And all others, who now hold, or shall hereafter hold, 31 26,4| hold, or shall hereafter hold, ecclesiastical benefices, 32 26,4| Synod admonishes all who hold any ecclesiastical benefices, 33 26,4| But as regards those who hold in commendam, or by way 34 26,4| born in lawful wedlock, to hold, in those churches wherein 35 26,4| benefices which their fathers hold, or have aforetime held. 36 26,4| at this present time, to hold benefices in the same church; 37 26,4| to take place, which they hold of the church ; and if those

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