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sacrarium 2
sacred 236
sacrement 1
sacrifice 36
sacrifices 3
sacrifising 1
sacriflce 1
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36 nevertheless
36 profession
36 proper
36 sacrifice
36 state
35 days
35 forth

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| prayers; to celebrate the sacrifice of the mass on each Sunday 2 14,4| furthermore ordains, that the sacrifice of the mass, on account 3 15,5| will, together with the sacrifice of the mass, also apply 4 16,1| relate to the most holy sacrifice of the mass, and to the 5 23,1| DOCTRINE ON THE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.~The sacred 6 23,1| being a true and singular sacrifice. ~ ./. CHAPTER I. ~On the 7 23,1| institution of the most holy Sacrifice of the Mass.~Forasmuch as, 8 23,1| Spouse the Church, a visible sacrifice, such as the nature of man 9 23,1| requires, whereby that bloody sacrifice, once to be accomplished 10 23,1| CHAPTER II. ~That the Sacrifice of the Mass is propitiatory 11 23,1| forasmuch as, in this divine sacrifice which is celebrated in the 12 23,1| Synod teaches, that this sacrifice is truly propritiatory and 13 23,1| however, doth she teach that sacrifice is offered unto them, but 14 23,1| priest wont to say, "I offer sacrifice to thee, Peter, or Paul;" 15 23,1| of all holy things this sacrifice is the most holy; to the 16 23,1| solemn ceremonies of the Sacrifice of the Mass. ~And whereas 17 23,1| the majesty of so great a sacrifice might be recommended, and 18 23,1| which are hidden in this sacrifice. ~CHAPTER VI. ~On Mass wherein 19 23,1| them from this most holy sacrifice: but not therefore, if this 20 23,1| mystery of this most holy sacrifice, especially on the Lord' 21 23,2| ON THE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.~CANON I.--If 22 23,2| any one saith, that the sacrifice of the mass is only a sacrifice 23 23,2| sacrifice of the mass is only a sacrifice of praise and of thanksgiving; 24 23,2| bare commemoration of the sacrifice consummated on the cross, 25 23,2| but not a propitiatory sacrifice; or, that it profits him 26 23,2| one saith, that, by the sacrifice of the mass, a blasphemy 27 23,2| cast upon the most holy sacrifice of Christ consummated on 28 23,3| that the sacred and holy sacrifice of the mass be celebrated 29 23,3| the dignity of so great a sacrifice; to the end that the honour 30 23,3| shall they suffer the holy sacrifice to be celebrated, either 31 23,3| heavenly of this most holy sacrifice. They shall also admonish 32 24,1| Priesthood of the New Law. ~Sacrifice and priesthood are, by the 33 24,1| Christ, the holy visible sacrifice of the Eucharist; it must 34 24,2| their own sheep; to offer sacrifice for them; and, by the preaching 35 24,2| present every day at the sacrifice of the mass, and that they 36 26,1| principally by the acceptable sacrifice of the altar; the holy Synod

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