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proofs 4
propagated 2
propagation 2
proper 36
properly 13
property 33
prophet 3
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36 instituted
36 nevertheless
36 profession
36 proper
36 sacrifice
36 state
35 days

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | celebrating that assembly in a proper manner under the divine 2 6,1| that which has the true and proper nature of sin is not taken 3 7,1| according to each one's proper disposition and co-operation. 4 7,1| Judas is no less His own proper work than the vocation of 5 8,1| and not rather a true and proper sacrament; or that of old 6 8,3| other manner, We, of our proper motion, and certain knowledge, 7 14,1| they carry with them that proper and most manifest meaning 8 15,2| the matter, the form, the proper minister, and the effect 9 15,2| there also shown, that the proper ministers of this sacrament 10 15,4| priest alone is not the proper minister of Extreme Unction; 11 15,5| consent of that individual's proper prelate, both shall be subjected 12 15,5| provided they live at his proper cost. Neither shall any 13 15,5| dress suitable to their proper order, that by the decency 14 15,5| the intervention of the proper bishop of the said clerics, 15 15,5| and to each flock their proper pastors have been assigned, 16 15,5| endowed, out of his own proper and patrimonial resources, 17 16,2| without deceit or fraud, proper measures may be taken for 18 18,1| Synod appear suitable and proper, for assuaging the calamities 19 19,3| without deceit or fraud, proper measures may be taken for 20 23,2| that in the mass a true and proper sacriflce is not offered 21 24,1| orders, and the ministrations proper to each one of them, are 22 25,1| these men, has thought it proper, lest their pernicious contagion 23 25,3| marriage is contracted, the proper parish priest of the contracting 24 25,4| each place and province a proper form of examination, scrutiny, 25 25,4| visitation of their own proper diocese, shall not visit 26 25,4| at any time it be thought proper, for just, weighty, and 27 25,4| the divine offices, the proper way of singing or chanting 28 25,4| rectors thereof their own proper people to govern, but administer 29 25,4| the people into fixed and proper parishes, they shall assign 30 25,4| Synod appear suitable and proper for assuaging the calamities 31 25,5| treated of, as in their proper season they shall be proposed 32 26,3| not omit to make in their proper seasons, that these things 33 26,3| supported, either out of the proper revenues of those monasteries, 34 26,3| that this be performed in a proper manner. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~ 35 26,3| his profession before the proper age; or the like; and would 36 26,4| effected by them of their own proper authority ; but in civil

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