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instant 1
instigation 1
institute 5
instituted 36
institutes 6
instituting 1
institution 41
Frequency    [«  »]
37 together
36 already
36 exercise
36 instituted
36 nevertheless
36 profession
36 proper

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| all, has not hitherto been instituted, let it be established by 2 6,2| lectureship, after being once instituted, has been neglected, let 3 7,1| after baptism, Christ Jesus instituted the sacrament of Penance, 4 8,1| the New Law were not all instituted by Jesus Christ, our Lord; 5 8,1| that these sacraments were instituted for the sake of nourishing 6 8,1| whomsoever presented shall not be instituted without being previously 7 8,1| Apostolic See, shall not be instituted, or confirmed in, or admitted 8 14,1| professed, that our Redeemer instituted this so admirable a sacrament 9 14,1| this world to the Father, instituted this Sacrament, in which 10 14,1| this account, that it was instituted by Christ, the Lord, in 11 14,3| prevent a remedy which was instituted for the protection of innocence, 12 14,3| into which he himself had instituted an inquiry; or for the remission 13 15,1| of baptism itself, to be instituted for the remission of sins 14 15,1| the Lord then principally instituted the sacrament of penance, 15 15,1| confession of sins was also instituted by the Lord, and is of divine 16 15,1| be necessary, and to be instituted of divine right,--but that 17 15,2| unction of the sick was instituted by Christ our Lord, as truly 18 15,3| and properly a sacrament, instituted by Christ our Lord for reconciling 19 15,3| sacramental confession was instituted, or is necessary to salvation, 20 15,4| and properly a sacrament, instituted by Christ our Lord, and 21 22,1| Lord, in the last supper, instituted and delivered to the apostles, 22 22,1| Redeemer, in that last supper, instituted, and delivered to the apostles, 23 23,1| their going out of Egypt, He instituted the new Passover, (to wit) 24 23,1| received, the Catholic Church instituted, many years ago, the sacred 25 23,1| therefore has holy Mother Church instituted certain rites, to wit that 26 23,4| all things that have been instituted for God's worship, for the 27 24,1| that this priesthood was instituted by the same Lord our Saviour, 28 24,1| who, being only called and instituted by the people, or by the 29 24,1| and properly a sacrament instituted by Christ the Lord; or, 30 24,1| hierarchy by divine ordination instituted, consisting of bishops, 31 25,2| evangelic law, (a sacrament) instituted by Christ the Lord; but 32 25,4| otherwise: a Penitentiary to be instituted in Cathedral Churches. ~ 33 25,4| the time that the suit was instituted: otherwise, at the expiration 34 26,3| from monasteries piously instituted and rightly administered; 35 26,4| hospitals, or other pious places instituted especially for the use of 36 26,4| if these hospitals were instituted to receive a certain class

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