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exemption 13
exemptions 12
exemptions-even 1
exercise 36
exercised 11
exercises 5
exercising 3
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37 penalties
37 together
36 already
36 exercise
36 instituted
36 nevertheless
36 profession

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | authority) which we also exercise on earth; with the advice 2 6,1| whereas it is left for our exercise, cannot injure those who 3 7,2| Bishops shall neither exercise any pontifical function, 4 7,2| any privilege soever, to exercise pontifical functions in 5 7,2| facto suspended from the exercise of episcopal functions, 6 7,2| similarly suspended) from the exercise of their orders. ~INDICTION 7 8,1| can reside on the spot and exercise personally the said cure; 8 8,1| jure, suspended from the exercise thereof, during the pleasure 9 15,1| who are in mortal sin, exercise, through the virtue of the 10 15,5| suspended during a year from the exercise of pontifical functions; 11 15,5| manner be suspended from the exercise of the orders so received, 12 15,5| seem to him fit, from the exercise of the orders received, 13 17,2| which (authority) we also exercise on earth,-indict a sacred 14 22,2| ministry, to beg, or to exercise any sordid trade, to the 15 22,2| be allowed in any wise to exercise any such office; notwithstanding 16 23,4| bishops shall compel them to exercise in person the aforesaid 17 23,4| altogether or for a time, to exercise that office, in ecclesiastical 18 23,4| shall be suspended from the exercise of his orders, at the discretion 19 24,1| become laymen, if they do not exercise the ministry of the word 20 24,1| magistrate, ascend to the exercise of these ministrations, 21 24,2| their state of life; and may exercise themselves in each office, 22 24,2| things which belong to the exercise of their orders, shall be 23 24,2| be interdicted from the exercise of his sacred (orders). 24 24,2| XVII. ~In what manner the exercise of the minor orders is to 25 24,2| support it; and, to those who exercise those functions, they shall 26 24,2| unmarried clerics at hand to exercise the functions of the four 27 25,4| hitherto accustomed lawfully to exercise (the power of) visitation 28 25,4| shall be suspended from the exercise of his office, at the discretion 29 26,3| souls of laymen, they who exercise that cure shall be subject 30 26,3| Regulars or Seculars, who exercise that cure, shall be immediately 31 26,3| other Superiors or Regulars, exercise episcopal and temporary 32 26,3| right of those bishops who exercise a greater jurisdiction over 33 26,3| are conventual, who shall exercise spiritual authority, and 34 26,4| revenues will allow, to exercise with alacrity and kindliness 35 26,4| and that they actually exercise that hospitality, which 36 26,4| nor for the lessees to exercise the above in person or by

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