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wine 17
winter 1
wisdom 9
wise 35
wisely 1
wish 14
wished 4
Frequency    [«  »]
35 salvation
35 truly
35 wholly
35 wise
34 does
34 due
34 except

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| convenient, provide in such wise, with the advice of his 2 6,2| the said bishop; in such wise that even-if this seem to 3 7,1| without it could not in any wise be pleasing and meritorious 4 7,1| and of Himself, in such wise that the treason of Judas 5 7,1| impious is justified; in such wise as to mean, that nothing 6 7,1| punishment is blotted out in such wise, that there remains not 7 8,1| seven sacraments are in such wise equal to each other, as 8 8,1| of holy Church, in such wise that they are not bound 9 15,1| are retained,were in such wise addressed to all the faithful 10 15,1| that sins be not in such wise pardoned us without any 11 15,1| understand, they in such wise maintain a new o be the 12 15,5| himself from death, in such wise that, by a kind of right, 13 15,5| their attention in such wise to the subjects of others, 14 22,1| celebrating, are in such wise to be adhered to, as that 15 22,2| out of the fruits in any wise belonging to the Mother 16 22,2| shall they be allowed in any wise to exercise any such office; 17 23,3| briefly enumerated, is in such wise propounded to all Ordinaries 18 23,4| shall judge fit; in such wise to wit, that, if those who 19 23,5| celebrating, are in such wise to be adhered to, as that 20 24,1| ordinance of God, in such wise conjoined, as that both 21 24,1| whatsoever, is required in such wise as that, without this, the 22 24,2| having cure of souls; in such wise, however, as that, whensoever 23 25,4| over the churches: in such wise that, after the report has 24 25,4| such privileges shall in no wise be understood to apply to 25 25,4| future to be annexed; in such wise, however, that one half 26 25,4| causes aforesaid, or in any wise to take from them, or to 27 26,2| images represent; in such wise that by the images which 28 26,2| utterly abolished; in such wise that no images, (suggestive) 29 26,2| lasciviousness be avoided; in such wise that figures shall not be 30 26,3| by secret voting, in such wise as that the names of the 31 26,3| his habit; he shall in no wise be admitted to allege any 32 26,4| undone which may seem in any wise capable of tending to the 33 26,4| in this matter, in such wise however that a commemoration 34 26,4| dignities, or hospitals, in such wise that the free benefices 35 26,4| advance, shall be in no wise considered valid to the

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