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Alphabetical    [«  »]
whole 44
wholesome 4
wholesomely 4
wholly 35
whom 117
whomsoever 9
whose 62
Frequency    [«  »]
35 provincial
35 salvation
35 truly
35 wholly
35 wise
34 does
34 due

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| privileges notwithstanding, be wholly restrained by suitable remedies, 2 7,1| writings teach, is not always wholly remitted, as is done in 3 8,1| made otherwise, shall be wholly annulled: and let the ordinary 4 8,1| been carried into effect wholly, or in part, as also those 5 14,3| their bishops are either wholly remitted, or are mitigated; 6 15,1| Synod declares, that it is wholly false, and alien from the 7 15,5| be considered, and are, wholly exempted. ~CHAPTER VI. ~ 8 15,5| consequences thereof, shall be wholly without effect. ~CHAPTER 9 15,5| canon Regular, shall be wholly incapable of Secular Benefices, 10 16,2| presents, It grants and wholly concedes the public faith, 11 16,2| the safe-conduct remaining wholly untouched thereby. It also 12 16,2| the safe-conduct remaining wholly untouched thereby. The said 13 19,3| presents, It grants and wholly concedes the public faith, 14 19,3| their safe-conduct remaining wholly untouched thereby. It also 15 19,3| the safe-conduct remaining wholly untouched thereby. The said 16 23,3| covetousness:--they shall wholly prohibit all manner of conditions 17 23,3| praiseworthy usage. They shall wholly banish from the Church the 18 23,4| anathema until he shall have wholly restored to the Church, 19 24,2| aforesaid fruits even might be wholly, or in part, restored to 20 24,2| the sacred and holy Synod wholly declare and decree, in regard 21 24,2| mulcted in a part, or be wholly deprived thereof, according 22 24,2| seminary should be found to be wholly or in part endowed, then 23 24,2| bishop, be remitted, either wholly or in part, as the actual 24 25,3| holy Synod renders such wholly incapable of thus contracting 25 26,2| obtaining their aid; are wholly to be condemned, as the 26 26,3| CHAPTER II. ~Property is wholly prohibited to Regulars. ~ 27 26,3| ordains that the same shall be wholly restored unto them. But, 28 26,4| contempt of vanities. Also, It wholly forbids them to strive to 29 26,4| by the said universities, wholly received; and that the masters, 30 26,4| the bishop, this shall be wholly done by those of the Chapter, 31 26,4| property, shall be left wholly unimpaired and untouched. 32 26,4| shall be understood to wholly abrogated and made void, 33 26,4| thereof; but they shall wholly revoke such rights of patronage 34 26,4| benefice of the other, shall be wholly regarded as made in fraudulent 35 26,7| people has been derived,--be wholly abolished. But as regards

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