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salnts 1
saltum 1
salutary 24
salvation 35
same 194
same- 1
sanctification 2
Frequency    [«  »]
35 hope
35 provided
35 provincial
35 salvation
35 truly
35 wholly
35 wise

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 4,1| and to take the helmet of salvation, with the sword of the spirit, 2 4,1| for us men, and for our salvation, came down from the heavens, 3 6,2| necessary for all to knew unto salvation, and by announcing to them 4 7,1| tranquillising of the Church, and the salvation of souls, to expound to 5 7,1| is the beginning of human salvation, the foundation, and the 6 7,1| him, the cause of eternal salvation. For which cause the same 7 7,1| trembling work out their salvation, in labours, in watchings, 8 7,1| worketh penance steadfast unto salvation. And again; Do penance, 9 7,2| lamented-forgetful even of their own salvation, and preferring earthly 10 8,1| Catholic Church, and to the salvation of souls,-the sacred and 11 8,1| Law are not necessary unto salvation, but superfluous; and that, 12 8,1| that is, not necessary unto salvation; let him be anathema. ~CANON 13 8,1| fruitfully, and unto the salvation of the souls committed to 14 14,1| soul as the price of our salvation, and gave us His own flesh 15 14,4| wishing to provide for the salvation of all the faithful, her 16 14,4| whether it be necessary to salvation, and be prescribed of divine 17 15,1| baptism, necessary unto salvation; as baptism itself is for 18 15,1| most careless of his own salvation, who, knowing that a priest 19 15,3| instituted, or is necessary to salvation, of divine right; or saith, 20 17,2| God, the recovery and the salvation of the sheep that are scattered, 21 22,1| sufficient for them unto salvation. For, although Christ, the 22 22,1| of any grace necessary to salvation. ~CHAPTER IV. ~That little 23 22,1| any necessity thereof unto salvation. ~ON COMMUNION UNDER BOTH 24 22,1| God, or, by necessity of salvation, all and each of the faithful 25 23,4| for God's worship, for the salvation of souls, or for the support 26 23,5| in Its desire that the salvation of those, on whose behalf 27 24,2| office of pastors, and the salvation of souls, be frequently 28 24,2| necessary for all to know unto salvation, as also fit to administer 29 25,4| the glory of God, and the salvation of the people, than to study 30 25,4| the peril of his eternal salvation, he doth certainly think 31 25,4| oracles, and the maxims of salvation; and that, setting aside 32 25,4| greater security of the salvation of the souls committed to 33 25,4| highly expedient for the salvation of souls, that they be governed 34 26,4| of this world, but on the salvation of souls, and on their heavenly 35 27 | of God's honour, and the salvation of their people, in reverence

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