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Council of Trent

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1 6,2| assigned, by the general or provincial chapters, to the more able 2 24,2| belong, conjointly with the provincial Council, to judge of the 3 24,2| shall be published in the provincial and episcopal councils; 4 24,2| matters aforesaid, and of the provincial Synod to reprove and to 5 24,2| churches) thereof; the provincial Synod, or the metropolitan, 6 24,2| deputies as above, or the provincial Synod according to the custom 7 25,4| Synod ordains, that, in a provincial Synod, to be held by the 8 25,4| office. ~CHAPTER II. ~A Provincial Synod to be celebrated every 9 25,4| to be present thereat. ~Provincial councils, wheresoever they 10 25,4| neighbouring metropolitan, at whose provincial Synod they shall be bound 11 25,4| cognizance and approved of in the provincial Council. ~But archdeacons, 12 25,4| shall be enacted) in the provincial Synod, at the discretion 13 25,4| Pontiff only, the less by the Provincial Council. ~The more grave 14 25,4| cognizance of and decided in the provincial Council only, or by persons 15 25,4| deputed thereunto by the provincial Council. ~CHAPTER VI. ~When 16 25,4| for all selected in the provincial Council;-any privileges 17 25,4| things of the like kind; the provincial Synod shall prescribe a 18 25,4| necessities of the churches; the provincial Council, having summoned 19 25,4| if the bishop, or the provincial Synod shall, considering 20 25,4| also, if need be, to the provincial Synod, which shall have 21 25,4| shall also be lawful for the provincial Synod, if It shall judge 22 26,2| bishops of the province, in a provincial Council; yet so, that nothing 23 26,3| in the general and in the provincial Chapters, and in their visitations, 24 26,3| this object, to be created provincial, abbot, or prior, shall 25 26,3| carried into execution, the provincial Councils shall remedy, and 26 26,3| that of Regulars, their provincial and general Chapters ; and, 27 26,3| of general Chapters, the provincial Councils shall, by deputing 28 26,4| ought to be present at the provincial Council, that, in the very 29 26,4| that, in the very first provincial Synod that shall be held 30 26,4| observe the same in the first provincial Synod at which they shall 31 26,4| Synod ordains, that, in each provincial, or diocesan, Synod, there 32 26,4| his stead, until the next provincial or diocesan Synod; in such 33 26,4| shall be judged by the provincial Synod, or by the deputies 34 26,4| being admonished by the provincial Synod, they do not amend, 35 26,7| report them in the first provincial Synod; that, after having

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