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gifts 5
girl 2
girt 1
give 35
given 57
giver 1
givers 3
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36 state
35 days
35 forth
35 give
35 hope
35 provided
35 provincial

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| in this city, that they give heed to apply themselves 2 3,1| passion of the Lord, and give alms to the poor: further, 3 7,1| exhorts us, evermore to give thanks to the Father, who 4 7,1| Church begs, when she prays, "Give unto us, O Lord, increase 5 7,1| of the water that I will give him, he shall not thirst 6 7,1| that even he that shall give a drink of cold water to 7 13 | Jesus Christ, they meanwhile give themselves to fasting and 8 14,1| more diligently ought he to give heed that he approach not 9 15,5| the apostle; Let them not give ./. offence to any man, 10 15,5| of others, and at times give their attention in such 11 16,1| of matrimony,- and will give its decisions thereon, in 12 17,2| are allowed to sit, and give their opinion in a general 13 19,1| has promised that he would give to His Church a mouth and 14 22,1| said; The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life 15 22,2| both confer orders, and give dimissory letters and testimonials 16 22,2| ordains that they are bound to give their labour altogether 17 22,2| fruits; those continuing to give scandal may be deprived 18 23,4| places whatsoever shall give in their accounts to the 19 23,4| whatsoever, shall be bound to give in, once a year, an account 20 24,2| inferior to bishops shall not give the tonsure, or minor orders, 21 24,2| the Chapter. And they who give dimissory letters, contrary 22 24,2| learning; of which they will give proof especially by the 23 25,3| and that permission to give the aforesaid benediction 24 25,4| inferiors, shall be bound to give the bishop an account, within 25 25,4| jurisdiction of bishops, and to give occasion to those exempted 26 25,4| which they shall afterwards give an account to him whom it 27 25,4| are fit for the office, to give in their names, that a diligent 28 26,2| faithful; that so they may give God thanks for those things; 29 26,3| convent shall be bound to give him notice thereof a month 30 26,4| diet, but that they also give heed that in the rest of 31 26,4| Apostles forbid them to give to their kindred the property 32 26,4| indignation, at once to give notice thereof to the Sovereign 33 26,4| but either of them may give his vote in unison with 34 26,4| them, or hinder those who give them, usurp the property 35 26,4| not only most unworthily give them place; but even serve

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